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Inside a battery tool battery

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I had a battery tool that went for a swim with me, a marina fender fitting goes bad, and it went well for a week or so then died. It came as no surprise. But luckily the car fob in my pocket survived, I was down to my last one due to previous unexpected deep contacts with the wet parts of marinas.

I pulled it apart just out of interest and for those who have ever wondered this is what's inside.




A shed load more lectronics than expected. No idea what they all do but I suspect a lot are there to stop the users blowing their own arses off.

But I also five batteries than can be reasonably easily replaced, which was a wee surprise. They are just the 21865 lithiums. 5 new ones and a soldering iron, bingo replaced ready to go again. 

But I didn't as they are fine, the lectronics around them maybe not so much.

This is the Ryobi stuff. It's lasted well and done some hard yards but always knowing it is lightweight gear from the get go. Now transitioning to the far more grunty Makita commercial range.


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8 hours ago, Winter said:

BMS looks toast, but the Cells might still be good for other lectronics projects, if you want to get rid of them Ill take them off your hands.

I'll chuck a meter across them and if a I see ??? they are all yours. They do look in OK nic, I did dry it out fast so they should be OK I think.

But what should ??? be?

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