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RC42N vs Precision 9

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I was asked over in the For Sale section:

Curious to hear your comments on the noticed real world differences between the Precision 9 and the RC42N

2 races now.

For Wednesday night racing, flat, round the boys, Auckland Harbour. There was zero difference in the performance of the compass. 

For the Akarana 350 when taking the rum line from Channel Is to the poor night's we had 2+m seas on the beam while going past the various Great Barrier headlands. These were breaking and sets of 3 big ones were coming in every 10 mins. 

In this instance the difference was chalk and chesse. The RC42N would of been all over the place. Even our COG was moving around erratically due to all the pitching, yawing and rolling.

Can't attest to autopilot improvements cause our auto pilot is not capable in those seas anyway and generally only use it in flattish seas. 


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