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12 hours ago, Dtwo said:


Secondly - POAL.  30 vacancies for 2 YEARS? WTF?

I can't recall an issue like this 12 & 24 months ago where I waiting for my Christmas presents.

I thought the automation project was going live mid 2020 plus the 6 weeks of Covid shutdown it should be working by September by my calls.

I listened to the CEO of Communications POAL yesterday what a lot of fuzzy wessel works but that's what they get paid for.

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Seems very odd they can't attract / retain staff and I would have thought COVID would have made that a bit easier if anything.

Mind you, he did mention some roles were being paid "the living wage". Perhaps things have changed since the old days when a port worker was extremely well paid and had access to numerous perks. Or did they reduce staff in advance of the automation coming on stream?

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The latter.

When I cut my teeth as a stevedore it was 2 hours on 2 off, 2 hours on, 2 off...so if you did a double shift and worked the first 8 hours, you got paid 8 hours whilst sitting in the pub....

I personally thought it was ridiculous as the work (Lashing) was deemed the hardest job on the boat, it was hard, but it didnt require 2 hours off after 2 hours on... and the 2 hours on included the time to get to and off the boat.


I really enjoyed the work truth be told, the full time stevedores, not to much.. 3rd world Teamsters, at best.

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