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Northland hull cleanning rules

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So you think all those big container ships anchored up off Auckland and Whangarei have got nice clean hulls? Nothing in their "niche" areas. Sounds like they might be there for a while, plenty of

Noise control is on standby too 

Timely.  I just went through this yesterday for Opua marina for BOI race week.  In summer we have a private clean of the hull with scuba every 2-3 weeks - so no receipt - in winter we use the floating

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2 hours ago, Tamure said:

Wow! I clean my own boat. If one was to turn up in the BOI with a spotless racing bottom would it be a case of where are your papers old man? Not everyone wants to get their boat professionally cleaned or painted and I dont keep receipts and I know people who slap a coat of AF on between tides on the grid.

Yes, it would be a case of that.  At the end of the day if you want to use a Marina you have to play by the Marinas rules.  And that might mean producing some documentation.  They also require proof of insurance and an eWof (if you want to plug in).  They probably have other rules about the showers and the toilets too...

But as I said, it doesn't have to be done professionally, if you want to do it yourself just follow the rules and be prepared to be held accountable if you don't follow the rules.

As evidence, the person cleaning the boat needs to write a declaration that the boat has been cleaned in accordance with the rules, your diy anti-fouler can declare that it was antifouled within the last 12 months and was done per manufacturer specs (attach a receipt for the paint as added evidence) and add that you, as owner, have read, understood and are abiding by the rules as laid out in the marine management plan.  Of course, you have to have read the rules and understand what it is that you are committing too... a bit like when you got that drivers license...

If you're slapping on a coat of antifoul between tides, then are you following the manufacturer requirements, including any prep?  (I have no idea how long it needs to dry, or how many coats are required, or time between coats - but if this meets the spec then you'd be meeting the rules...).

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You Aucklanders might want to keep a close eye on the next marine pathways stuff currently going on. Someone posted the other day about it, there is a big push to make all the rules the same from Tauranga North. The time table is pretty short and conviniently covers the summer holiday period.

They don't seem to think boaties are stake holders either, we used to be recreational boaties, marina users and mooring owners, we are now official known as exacerbaters, pretty predujicial I thought.

The desire is to make thing's a lot more strict and official. I will be submitting and I strongly encourage anyone with an opinion to do the same, at least start researching, thinking about it and talking to others. 

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On 8/12/2020 at 3:29 PM, B00B00 said:

Thanks Fish, keen to see your tide program. Where do I find that?

There is always this you can try this tide calculator. You can chose a specific location using the map, and a time interval to suit. https://tides.niwa.co.nz/ . (It was very accurate for us during lockdown when we were anchored out in about 1 meter water in Waipiro Bay in the BOI.)

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18 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

... Someone posted the other day about it, there is a big push....

Here is the link to that bit of Northland Regional Paperwork:


See Item 4.2 "Marine Pest Interregional Plan"

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