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shroud covers for anti-chaffing - pvc pipe?

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The anti-chafing covers on my 7mm shrouds are perished and need replacing. Am thinking of getting some 15mm pvc pipe from Bunnings, cutting a split in it and just pressing it on in 2 1.2m lengths so that inspection is still easy.  The anti-chafing boots at the terminal end on the deck are fine, so it's just for the wire. 15mm pipe is bigger than I need but I don't see smaller diameter pipe online. Anyone got a better budget solution?  Thanks

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1 hour ago, Kevin McCready said:

Don't go to Bunnings. The ozzie bastards did this to me when giving me "free" coffee grounds for my compost (full of plastic lids, discarded receipts, tissues, general rubbish)  and then didn't want to know about it despite promising to look into it. Go to Mitre 10 which says it's 100% NZ owned.

Concur more than 1000%

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We had pvc pipe cant remember the diameter, certainly no bigger than 19mm so 15 sounds about right. You can split them with a jig made from a few bits of wood, you hold the knife and your mate pulls the pipe through for a straight line or do it freehand. You generally only need them on the cap if cruising and forward lower if racing.

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