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GPS update missed/should have been retired/hungover/someting else.

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On 19/01/2021 at 2:47 PM, BOIGuy said:

The two panels on my boat total 140w , I easily get above rated output on a good day when the batteries are needing it, quite surprised at that and at how much they put out when things are not so ideal.

Have gone several days sailing on and off anchor, running fridge and pilot, no engine. Solar is pretty good from my experience.

If the panels are rated at 140W in NZ in the right conditions they will be running closer to 175W. Then there are controllers and there are controllers so you probably have a goodie which helps.

I just uprated the controller on the shed as I realised I ordered a 40A but with 500W of panels so they could be running at 600-650W which would over cook the controller. So I've gone to a 60A, it can take up to 800W.

After much sussing I'm going with a Epever 6415BN a good but minimal wank MPPT controller. I was going to get one that can handle both wind and solar inputs but a wind guru dude said 'Na, keep them separate' to save heat and if one packs up it doesn't take out the whole system.

Love those MPPT, must haves. PWM second.

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It has to get the GPS Almanac. It's good for about two weeks. The GPS constellation transmits bits of the Almanac every 15 minutes of so.   This Almanac tells the reciever where the Satellites are. 

Shows a basic misunderstanding of "carbon credits"

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