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is the usa about to return to a state of civil war?

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democracy fails when the voters vote for more services and less taxes socialism fails when too many people sit back and expect the government to take from someone else pretty much the same h

Here we go again with the old Both Sidesism meme, pushed relentlessly by the corporate media.  This statement by Joe Hildebrand is 90% lies and he knows it.  Indeed, how can those on the har

were gov. buildings invaded and damaged in portland? let's go google ... looks like they were even burned! https://nypost.com/2020/08/19/protesters-burn-government-building-during-

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19 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

How's this for irony, all the people arrested if found guilty a felony  ( like trashing the Capitol) loose their right to vote in future elections and loose their gun licenses. 

It is a delicious irony. 

The loss of the right to own a firearm is essentially permanent - for practical purposes it requires a presidential pardon to overturn it. 

Voting rights are controlled by the states, even for federal felonies.  They vary.  In some states, federal felons retain all voting rights even while in prison.  In others they lose them - permanently.  In California this was on the ballot for the November election.  Voting rights are restored here at the end of any period of parole.  As a state we have just voted to restore voting rights to felons out of prison but still on parole.

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Trump's tone appears to have changed markedly. He is now explicitly saying 'no violence'. Before, it was all a wink and a nod stuff. Actually looks like he is genuinely worried now.

His businesses are being taken apart with the backlash. I always thought the whole 'vote stealing' thing was because he is carrying large debt to fight the election, and needed to run go fund me pages to get cash out of his supporters, which was then siphoned off for nefarious reasons. Apparently they raised $200 mil or more. Then things went a bit far and got a bit out of hand...

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14 hours ago, erice said:

if the guy standing next to you has a molotov cocktail?

wrong side

if the chants are "string'em up!"

wrong side

if there's a crazed look in their eyes and phlegm on their lips?

wrong side

if the army are there?

go home!


If you are in the US and any group forms leave the area ASAP. 

If it's a pile of Nazis or uniform Police around you then good as they are open and you know who your dealing with but leave all the same. It's the ones not dressed like Nazis/plods that are the ones to be afraid of, ya got no idea what muppetry they think or are planning. It's like Pit Bulls and Labradors, everyone knows Pit Bulls can be scary and can do you harm if they want too but it is the cute Labrador's who do the most damage.

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