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prada cup, when we know which course...

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they are trying hard to sell us the idea its sailing, but its not.  May as well put outboards on the bac and let them whiz around playing racey racey with a remote controller while standing on North H

From about 10 minutes in  

From a source closer than most of us " always secure your batteries"  

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The best days of AC were when it was actual match racing.  The move to ultra-high performance craft has shifted the skill too far toward hte technology, and away from the sailing.

Bring back the days of close-encounter tacking duels and tests of endurance at observable speed.

And this as a non-sailor then and only slightly less-so now.

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Out on stakeboat duty last two days and again tomorrow 

Chill guys and gals

When they drop off the foils they are still as faster than most keelers 

But At 8kts of wind the are doing 30+

think of it like a F1 car in the pit lane, they look stupid, but suddenly their off at 30 to 40+

Who would have thought just a few years ago you could sail at 4x wind speed

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I loved the racing yesterday - at speed technology was it, when the breeze was patchy the ability to use those mark 1 eyeballs to find the best breeze came into play. All that fast, slow, stop, go unpredictability is great as far as I am concerned. I will watch it all. 

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