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prada cup, when we know which course...

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Yes after the trip to town it dawned on me.The days of close racing even though the 12 m were slow was all us old fellas knew/brought up on. Somehow its turned to development/technology class and more suited to the young generation who missed the glory days of yachting as I knew it.

Gone of the days of AC vessels surrounded in secrecy even when there was nothing to hide.Its all out in the open,well most of it is.

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they are trying hard to sell us the idea its sailing, but its not.  May as well put outboards on the bac and let them whiz around playing racey racey with a remote controller while standing on North H

From about 10 minutes in  

From a source closer than most of us " always secure your batteries"  

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For an event costing the world close to a billion bucks I was expecting more....but knew deep down the increase in speed would come at the cost of good competitive racing.

As there are now 2 types of AC you have the pleasure (???) of options.

If you like speed and don't like being bothered by other things then this AC is the place to be.

If you like hard core racing with sh*t happening and crews doing stuff like the AC used to have, then You Tube is the place to be.

I stopped to watch the racing... sailing... errr.... boating?? yesterday. I won't be rushing to do that again.

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the cheap 12mtr class was a short aberration in the looooong history of the AC

if it survives into the future there may be more cheap classes

but for the last 20? years have been loving the techno battle and all the "trickle-down"


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