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Wind turbines, your hates and loves

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The ones I'm talking about are 1500 watts, but there are 1000 watt versios. They have a hinged swing tail that has a spring . When the wind gets past a set strength the tail swings due to a "rudder surface' this in turn rotates the turbine sideways to the wind. Normal magnetic braking and/or power dump systems are also used. 

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That's a clever tail. Sussing one today that retracts it's tail as the wind increases, the Superwind I think it was.

There seems to be a bit of a gap from the ones that do up to around 300W then not that much until the 1000W and larger kick in. Sure a shite load in the middle ex china but while I know of 2 cheapies that are going OK I know of more than contain a element of lemon, so I'm in 2 minds about the no names from that area of manufacture.

In an ideal world one rated at 500-600W at 10m/s would fit the bill perfectly.

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