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Never a dull moment

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Heading off to race course in decent breeze yesterday and backstay bow shackle exploded.

Head to wind and got it under control in orderly fashion.  Dodged a bullet.

Did prize the gooseneck fitting from mast mount, (broke welds) so  decent forces at play.

New experience.

Regular rigging checks,  now de rigueur.

Left hand arm looks pre-fractured-crevice stress corrosion?

Was holding on by 5/8ths of FA.


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Ouch, dodged a bullet is right. That looks like a OK made shackle as well, not a cheap and hardly cheerful.

We're seeing a bit of a increase in those sort of things and it's making us a little more nervous on some projects so we've started using more gear with most of the purchasing emphasis put on performance and while still watching it not so much the price, especially for the bigger boats.

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10 minutes ago, KM... said:

Law says a shackle I believe but it then places no requirement as to what that shackle must be or do.

I use basic bog standard galvanised shackles, as big as I can fit.

Thanks,wasnt sure on law as passed wof with padlock.Reason for padlock so no bugger pinches or at least slows them down at ramp.So use shackle to ramp then padlock.

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Yeap galv often outlast SS.

We're selling so much SS since lock down it's getting out of hand. But as noted we have swung purchasing from China to the EU and Japan. With the ability for so many to import their own gear ex china and Aliexpress etc the bottom end of the market is flooded with assorted levels of stuff but the 2 or 3 bigger players who traditionally had good gear have bailed out (all are overseas owned and suffer from heavily influence over their stocks even though the offshore deciders knowledge of the NZ market is sh*t) so we're having to fill that void. It is fun as some of this gear would make engineers or those who appreciate well machined metals leave wee deposits in their undies on seeing it.

We get SS (316 and 304) from China, Aussie, the US, Japan and a few places in the EU. One of the stainless's is definitely not like all the others, even if it claims it is.

2 hours ago, harrytom said:

Thanks,wasnt sure on law as passed wof with padlock.Reason for padlock so no bugger pinches or at least slows them down at ramp.So use shackle to ramp then padlock.

I have read the WOF 'rule' they need to comply with around trailer safety chains. I reckon there is maybe only 6 or so people in NZ who could understand the terminology they use. I reckon only 2 of those people would have any idea if the chain they are looking at would comply with the wording. after all the wanking they did around what grade of chain to use they express it in a manner that may as well have been written in Klingon.

So a padlock may or may not be OKed depending purely on the person looking at it and how they understand something they probably have no understanding of.

I have spoken to the appropriate cock wombles about this, as per usual they don't seem to care.

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If I have a 2,500kg loaded trailer flying all over the show 300mm behind my car I'd hope the chain/connection would break. That load is enough to flip the car and scratch the paint or worse, spill the coffee.

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