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Back up the dingy, I had someone this arvo have a wee giggle and stab at this part of your comment, one I missed while having a wee moment over your stab at my 108 yo old baby....

On 22/01/2021 at 6:44 PM, waikiore said:

the interesting hair dos

WTF? Are you that brave, that sick of living, that so willing to throw the bird at the wokies you are willing to dis the hair?  Mateee..... you sure like living life out that edge don't ya ;)

Booked in for March 22, Papaora Field Days sheep sharing competition.  I've entered as a sheep being to tight to pay for a hair dresser ....... but I have reserved the right to withdraw if any sharers from Taranaki turn up, they view sheep the same as the rest of us view our WAGS and no way I'm losing my virginity to some horny character in Red Bands from New Plymouth ;)


FYI - I got given a pair of Red Band sox, awesome and highly recommended not only in red bands, they have also proven magnificent under my MX boots.


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Gee KM, we know its taking a while to finish off the reptile, but surely you'd want to put the keel on it before trying to race it again?

Yeap it is a real thing :) We'll keep your 22's in mind for next time, it is a big pile of fun.

On 23/01/2021 at 10:42 AM, KM... said:

Last 22' head to head they crossed the line L, PP, L, PP, L, PP.

Twas fun and we need to do it again as I was telling an ex L and newish PP owner only last evening. 


Wait, this was a thing?

If you do it again, I can think of another 22 class that could muster up a fleet. 

From memory, not a million miles away performance wise either.

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