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R66 or Akl/Tauranga

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Cornwall Park is a large protected gift to the city.  Unfortch, it doesn't have an income stream except for the property that surrounds it (via the Cornwall Park Trust).  The trust also provides support to a wide range of charitable causes.

IF the intention of the trust is to convert some (or all) of the showgrounds to much-needed housing, then that is income that helps fund the park and other charitable gifts.

ASB Showgrounds, as a business, could choose to buy out the lease.

Fevered imaginings aside, nothing to do with Panuku that I can see.

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On 24/02/2021 at 10:23 PM, CarpeDiem said:

Do you mean

CRBE Auckland Regatta or Farmer Autoville Auckland to Tauranga?

It's disappointing we have to choose - we're planning for an AKL/TGA.


V5 is doing both somehow.



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A AKL-TGA boat is showing as being stopped at Motuihe, that's a little weird. The NE won't help but it's only showing 24 at Colville it's not that big.

Be good to get around Colville so the fun ride can commence.

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A few single handed boats have already withdrawn. 

May be a few more tomorrow who don't want a 9 hour beat into fresh wind and seas.


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And they are off smack into hard on the beak.

Bit of a hard work ride to Colville but then it'll be time to open the Ya Hoo!!!

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Heading Tiri sure looks the better option at the moment.

The 2 orphans, NZOR and Romanza, look to be having some fun together, that's handy as it's pretty boring racing if you have nothing to race against. That Romanza can hold some good height.

Some nice gusts coming thru here so they'll be on their toes out there I'd expect.

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