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Isolating SS shackle on Aluminium

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Some will be aware I'm rebuilding portions of my compression post/block and cabin top.

The previous owner had the blocks for reefing lines and boom vang screwed directly into the cabin top and sealed with silicon. That failed and allowed water ingress. I'd rather avoid drilling holes in the newly cored roof.

There's an attachment point on my mast base for blocks etc. I can attach these blocks with an SS shackle (goodness knows why this wasn't done originally but anyway). What can I use to isolate the SS from the Aluminium? I'll use duralac on the bolts going through the cabin top, but this shackle will be prone to movement. Is there something I can wrap around the shackle?

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Shackle on to the base, you'll be fine.

1000's of boats do it that way, mine included.

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