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Yo Squid,


I'm terribly confsed. I've looked at a few of your posts and you seem to think you might posibly be a ladies man. Unfortunately your on line sign is squid.


Perhaps you need to have a wee look into the american community and understand what a squid really is. I must admit I've never met a gay sailor, but there have been one or two that I have wondered about.


Not you but, perhaps you need to start calling youself "Stud Squid" or something - as opposed to a standard fag squid.


No doubt I've offendended strudels of gay sailors - but seriously I'm too tired to give a rats arse,.

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FWIW, I reckon you would be justified in deleting this "out" clause.   It stands to reason that if someone has just sold $100 worth of gear thanks to the reach of crew.org (which you paid good money

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I've never suggested I was a ladies man, and if I was it all ended 20 years ago when I met my wife, who started this rumour??????


Squid - gay??? all new to me, do I have to do some research? I named the boat Squid coz it goes in both directions.

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scuse me for askin but how did scottie get a bottle of rum for calling you fat? is it that he got 1 past you without you realising? or is it the honesty owning up/pointing it out, that you are rewarding?



and children see this website, more importantly i do too. not sure on alot of things now...

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