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FWIW, I reckon you would be justified in deleting this "out" clause.   It stands to reason that if someone has just sold $100 worth of gear thanks to the reach of crew.org (which you paid good money

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Hey squid, i was at CYC in 1979 painting boats and I too was broke and sleeping in middle harbour boat yard (half way up st georges drive) ... on an old ganley ketch. do you remember a crazy yank mother and son team on a yellow glass sloop trying to build a new mast for it in the haulout at CYC? what ever happened to them? they was off to solomons i think but we got there and never saw or heard of them again - they was always arguing at top of yankee voice.

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Ha. I don't remember asn old Ganley ketch, but I do remember the Yellow Yank boat, very noisy at times, they turned up in the Solomons, I'm just trying to work out what year we were there.

I worked for about 10 months at Fraser Sails across the road, before they moved into the new loft.

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