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Regulator.....a long shot

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This might be a long shot - but does anyone have a Balmar MC-614 regulator I could borrow for a day?

I am trying to find out why my MC-614 is generating noise on my sonar, and want to rule out a faulty unit.


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A left field idea - you can make a temporary test rig by using a 12V light bulb.

Find a small one around 6 watts or so with a holder, solder a reasonable length of wire to each end. Connect this to a 12V source and to the field terminal on the alternator, of course after unplugging the lead. Check the alternator to see if it needs a separate 12V supply to excite the windings.

This will put a bit of a load on the alternator so you can at least get an idea if it is something other than the Regulator. You can of course just direct jump a 12V supply to the field terminal which will make the alternator immediately go to full load.

The German guy on the cat Fallado had his regulator fail and made up a temp one like this with 4 light bulbs and switch for each so he could vary the field current 

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Thanks - but I don't think that is what is going to help. 

I am trying to isolate where a noisy signal is coming from - its do with the alternator regulator and I think its either EMI or noisy 12v output from the switch mode side of the regulator.


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If you pull the power lead to the MC614 is it still there? (With engine running)

If it’s not, you need to power up, as described by MH the fields, to see if it’s the alternator. Can’t see a resistive load type regulation creating the same interference.

IT would be your man.

I have an idle (backup)614, but it’s unprogrammed and untested & im pulling my boat tomorrow. As in busy.

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