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Have installed Nexus wireless on two boats, both racing a lot, Working well.


Also Nexus has a TRIDUCER = log + depth + temp all in one Airmar DST800 unit.


Another benefit is that the log skin fitting has an excellent flapper valve that reduces the 2" 50mm water bore to a mere trickle, so little I would be happy to go aft to the transom & back before putting in the transducer or blanking plug, and then sponge the bilge. All that trickling water effect you know :shh:


Make sure you follow the NZ agents' advice and mount the wireless Wind Sensor Interface (WSI) forward so that the signal is not obstructed by spinnaker poles stowed on deck. (Installation book is not optimal (wrong!).


Also charge up the wind sensor battery for 2 days BEFORE linking to instruments and BEFORE fitting on masthead. 2 days on the back ledge of the car allowed the solar cell to charge the battery nicely.


See www.nexusmarine.se & download english manuals.

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I have a 40 ft cursing sailboat in the usa and have nexus instruments and the wind transducer both wired and wireless has given me lots of troubles and the customer service has been horrible. don't buy unless you are somewhere else than the usa

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Like PaulR, I have gone to Nexus and am happy with the move.


I installed it myself, as someone with only basic skills, and it worked straight out of the box. The overall impression is that it has benefited from someone starting from a clean slate and eliminating many of the niggles that are found in other packages.


Not so great to read the other post about customer service in the US but here in NZ I was well looked after by Kiwi Yachting and it is a plus when you are dealing with someone who is sailing and using the gear every weekend. PM Gappy on this site - or wait for him to emerge in this thread, he can't be that far away. At the time I bought, they were doing an "amnesty" with a discount if you traded in old Navman instruments - it was the only time I ever felt fortunate to have that stuff. :lol:

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We have gone the Nexus route and the Wireless windgear is just awesome.


We got really first class service from Gappy at Kiwi Yachting.


Our application is made extra difficult as we have a rotating and canting rig but Nexus have come up with a really brilliant solution.


We are still having troubles with condensation in the displays but other than that its great gear.

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I have a 40 ft cursing sailboat in the usa and have nexus instruments and the wind transducer both wired and wireless has given me lots of troubles and the customer service has been horrible. don't buy unless you are somewhere else than the usa


What sort of problems???


Wireless: Have you installed the receiver as per the book?

If yes then that is wrong. You need to install the deckhead receiver in the forward part of the yacht, ideally directly under the masthead transmitting sensor, preferably where the spinnaker pole does not come between the masthead wind sensor and the receiver and blocks or distorts the signal.


The aerial is in the bottom of the WSI receiver, so this needs to be mounted "UPSIDE DOWN" i.e. with the last "top" cover in a 'rain catching' position. I placed mine temporarily with gaffa tape, then tested the RSI strength indicator with the spinnaker poles up and stored until we found the "best" reception position. The RSI strength needs to be over "30".


Did you test run the masthead unit and instruments before installing?


The masthead unit battery needs a couple of days in the sun (under the back window of the car) to become fully charged BEFORE test running to initalise all the instruments, this being well BEFORE installing anywhere near the mast!!


The wind sensor needs to be ROTATING before data is transmitted, so in absolute calm, NO data is transmitted.


It may pay you to bring the masthead sensor down and have close above the WSI receiver so RSI signal strength is well over 60, possibly 80 or 90 and then re-initalize all the instruments, ONE INSTRUMENT AT A TIME.


Do all the basics: clean all electrical contacts or replace. You may need to clean the display pins if there is any salt there.


Have you put the little "bootlace" terminals over the wires, then screwed into the connector blocks, then covered in the supplied silicon grease BEFORE finally attaching wiring to displays??


Are there any breaks in the wiring? if so, replace wiring with unbroken length to minimise faults.


Is battery voltage good?


These are only a few items.


I would suggest you email Peter Woolf of :thumbup:


Web: www.kiwiyachting.co.nz



What woolfy does not know is not worth anything.


:silent: Don't say you have been talking to me, otherwise it will cost me buying him a drink!!

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On the east coast of the USA I replaced my classic single vane nexus wind transducer with the new wireless. I was told that it was the way to go but I needed to replace my server and depth also with the new system. I found that to be a lie but that was the dealer and not nexus. Then when I installed it I could not get it to pair with the wsi box sitting right along side of it. I found that the instructions were wrong, in fact a lot of the book was wrong. After a month of dealing with the rep from Annapolis Maryland I gave up and another rep gave me new instructions. Long story short they were wrong also but I kept inserting different combinations and finally it paired. I set the wsi box in a good place right under the deck by the mast and it worked great for about two months and then it quick completely. I found, when I took it down from the mast, that if I tapped it, it would work. Something came lose inside the battery was fine and charged. I was told they would replace it and to go back to the wired transducer. It took me three months for them to honor their warranty and I got a big run around. So I have had many problems over the years with their technical services both on the old wind transducer the and new one. I had trouble getting a replacement and getting proper information and I got a rep who was not trained and sold me stuff that was unnecessary. I think Nexus probably has good equipment for the most part but they need better technical services and customer service in the USA.

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Have you e-mailed Woolfy and / or Blair of Kiwi Yaching directly :?: :?: :?:


They can both help you more than I can.


:idea: Sail down here, summer's comming and they can get onboard with you.


:idea: Bring lots of RUM and we will ALL help you out.

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