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Sailing catamarans solo

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solo is easier and safer on a cat than a mono, such a stable platform, an autopilot of some sort is a big help, but even without one I have a 36 ft cat that i sail alone easily, and the last boat was 46 with a tillerpilot but a couple of pieces of bungy cord and sail balance will usually keep a course for a while. Falling off is the thing you don,t want to do, at times i have towed a long floating line which if grabbed as it went past would disconnect the pilot and hopefully stop the bus to let me get back on, should be wearing a harness but the floating line is still a good back up.

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true, its the endless argument and a cat that will easily fly a hull has to be watched pretty carefully which is not always so easy sailing solo. Best to sail conservatively and be able to reduce sail quickly and easily. Just like monos there is a huge range in cats from race to cruise . Even with reduced sail i am sure flat chat would get from a to b fairly well. I wonder how many sailors of flipped multis had been thinking about reefing for a while before they went over, but it was easier and more fun to carry on as is. :eh: I was solo on Tl systems going to the Barrier doing 22 + knots and wondering if something was going to break, dropped the main completely and carried on under a furling headsail at a easy 10 to 12,able to relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about what might happen in the next gust.

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