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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new. I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so

Got 10 boats towed back into the environment before 10:30 this morning, waited until tide came in, floated off the cradle and went to the mooring only to find it had become an ecosystem all of its own

School holiday cruise me and my boy

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i slept, went fast in the javelin, learned that it is quite hard to right a javelin with a kite up, a cracking centre board and while being blown in very close to the rocks. then i spent the rest of the day sulking in my room because my boat isnt here yet.


thats why

1.you sail it properly.

2.have two people on the board to bring it back up.

3.dont sail anywhere near rocks.


i think the biggest lesson here is not to capsize anywhere near rocks,while sailing single handed in 5kts .... :P


any way, went out of manly in the 3.7, turns out it was leaking through a chain plate... again, spent 20mins fixing that

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i couldnt stand out anywhere near the end of the board cause i was i could hear it starting to crack, so 2 people would have snapped it straight off. was a tad more than 5kts when i went over. way faster than you poofs upwind and down! :sailor:

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learned that it is quite hard to right a javelin with a kite up.


When you first raised sailing the Javelin on your own this was pointed out to you and lets face it , it was a near flat calm.


It just seems to be an unnecessary accident waiting to happen !

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Worked most of it, which included trying to work out how to fit 3 containers of gear into space for only one containers worth. Had a few hours Sunday arvo so gave my bike a small performance tweak then shot up to the local dairy to see how it went. Ended up in Westhaven looking at a 930 that has sort of changed ownership last Friday. Popped down to see if mine is still there, from the beach just along from the marina, the one someone has hacked up with what looks to be a motorbike :silent: , mine boat was still there and looked to be afloat.


Saw DDF and Changed out playing. Both looked bloody slow. Yes, I did like that :lol: :lol:


Oh and meet the owners of Ballistic. Nice couple and a tidy good looking vessel, probably one of the tidiest downstairs for sure. Damn interesting outboard set-up, quite intrigued with that one. She's joined the 930 cluster in Westhaven, which is almost starting to rival the 88 cluster.

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Saturday: Picked up mainsail with new reef point from Bill, took that and the book out to voom and fitted. Put on wetsuit and cleaned the bottom. Kinda chilly. Tried to fix winch, got grease everywhere, failed to fix winch, took winch off and home. Tried to fit new watertight bulkheads, bolts too short, gave up. Replaced starboard nav light, worked out somewhere to temporarily set up cooker so we can have a hot drink if the simrad 100 is a long slow one


Sunday: Fitted bulkheads this time after getting new bolts! Finished ‘proof of concept’ version of temporary shelf for cooker. Mowed lawns, and spent a couple of hours tidying the garage. Still not done, but much cleaner than she was before. After dinner did some glassing on some compass brackets I need to install next weekend. Also managed to fit in the coffee with the grandparents.


No wind for sailing, and plenty of sun, so pretty good all round I 'spose.

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