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?????? ex Trainsmash ...

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Well as you know TS is in Adealide and work has started albeit slowly as the weather is crap and we a re waiting to get her inside the shed, unitl then she is wrapped up under a full cover.


She is very very naked, easier to start from bare hull, do work required and then new paint, top, bottom and all in between, including inside, upgrade the fittings as required and new sail wardrobe as we go.


Happy to keep you up to date, I have decided not to rush this and just do it right the first time, so will be longish task.


Here are a couple of pics of the interior and will add others as I find them..... basically there is nothing left on the outside all fittings have ben removed and holes being filled.


The interior is much the same ......... from here we go forward.

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Finished finished and finished at long long bloody last.   All that is left are a few blocks cleats etc ... but now start the planning to get her back to the sea and put her back to being a boat.  

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Hi dkd


That was me, the old boom broke when one of the guys got a bit enthusiastic on the vang. I had C-tech making a new prod at the time so asked them to do the boom as well. It's pretty light & super stiff compared to the old ally one, if you need to replace your boom I think it's worth it.


Thanks for the pictures & good luck with the work, it'd be great if you can keep us up to date with your progress.



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Thanks Smitty,


Made that decision easy. C-Tech will be doing new prodder for me too (that was how I found out about the boom), as soon as I can get home from sea (work).


The boat is progressing slowly, missed the deadline I had in mind ages ago so now it is just slowly goes it, this way I will get the boat the way I want it and spread costs out.


Hoping she is heading for full paint soon and then finish interior


It is all time ... ohh and money.


Will try to get some more pics when I get home.

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Hi All,


Well, the work is still ongoing with the boat and at last I can see progress.


The interior is progressing and with the exception of a few major tasks at last we are moving forward. So far the amount of paint removed has surprised me and it is almost ready for primer and .... then fitout but waiting for the exterior to be painted and finished before we do too much.


The exterior is to be sanded and re-painted but presently waiting for a 8m tri to be finished and then she moves into the shed.From a month back I have decided to take my time as sailing is nearly finished and not rushing, looking for mid-winter as target back to the water.


In the mean time, everyhole is to be filled and starting again from a bare boat, every hole includes fittings and instrument cutouts,


Here are a couple more pics .... so much paint in a small space and then the other, well progress


More as she progresses but between work (being at sea) and travelling back and forth to South America it is slow but I am not rushing ...






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