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Finished finished and finished at long long bloody last.   All that is left are a few blocks cleats etc ... but now start the planning to get her back to the sea and put her back to being a boat.  

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Hi all,


Well Woody, she sort of named it but still doesn't know about it ..... she had a list of names for that "next boat" .... whenever it happened. I like this one and it is sort of how I sail.


Smitty, I have scored an extra couple of weeks at home, so am trying now to get those silly little things all done, hoping she goes in the water on my next RDOs (mid-late Feb) but definitely will be ready to go by then, work may dictate exact date.


I cut the toerails down, from shrouds aft, I left a little of them (maybe a few mil) so that I did not take all the strength away. We will see if my logic worked, but also has extra frame inside about fwd end of cockpit now. Can send you a close-up of what I did if you wish.


So far so good, just little things that don't go back in original positions, like bloody pulpit and stanchion bases which all had to be modified as Ronstan's were all too narrow.


Basically at the moment, very happy .... finish the little jobs (lots of them and growing list), new cushions, a few new sails (initially) and I can actually go for a sail. Happier now the window saga is almost finished, they should be in this week and should set it off, very different.


Will try to put a few more pics up this coming week.



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009.jpg012.jpg009.jpg012.jpgHi All,


Well, now trying to get the endless small jobs done .... and must admit that there has been a fair amount of cursing about the pulpit but at last it is fitted. It had to be slightly modified and that just caused endless hassles but all done.


New prodder got fitted up on Saturday and it looks huge, but is slightly smaller than the original.


The endless fittings but the end is definitely in sight now. Once everything is done I will start arranging to get her down for the keel to be fitted and mast stepped and back into the water, but not even thinking about that until EVERYTHING is done. ( as I tell our 1st mate at work, Plan early, Plan twice)


Couple more pics of the interior and yes, a little different to what she was.


And Woody, yes Peter is sailmaker and he has some interesting ideas for the new sails .... not radical but more an updated wardrobe, slowly slowly tho.



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Hi all


And, yes the windows are in, not what I originally had planned but these are different, bonus for here is that they reduce heat transfer by over 50% and nobody looks out of them anyway.


The screws don't do a lot, basically there to "break up the white" but they are in using a double sided tape.

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Finished finished and finished at long long bloody last.


All that is left are a few blocks cleats etc ... but now start the planning to get her back to the sea and put her back to being a boat.


Hoping that it will all happen next time home from this swing ..... and right at end of sailing season.


Next will be some new sails but can actually now go sailing (and the A class can go back into hibernation).  I will put pics up when it happens, but Woody, getting closer to that sail.


and the challenge of trying to sort out this rig, .... fun of a different type.

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Well things have been slow recently, work and things .... mainly work.


At long last she has a keel again and a rudder and if all goes to plan should be back in her natural environment this weekend, maybe Monday.


A couple of coats of antifoul and splashhhhhh. It has been along time coming but now starting to look forward to a sailing season.


Taken prior to fairing and the "tie coat" .... first antifoul tomorrow.


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Seems that she has created some interest today in the yard .... some of the local CYC members have been curious and asking questions.


but for now they will have to wait, into the water and me onto plane bound for South America for R&R.


will put pics of launch etc up when I get back.


Thanks to everyone for input and help, much appreciated. Still lots of little jobs to do including the synthetic fences ... still to be ordered from NZ (Knot me)



Woody, is your mate still living in SA and will he be looking for a ride???

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