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Hey Guys


Who is doing this race on saturday? Im going with wolfy and need a ride back to auckland on saturday night to go to a function with the girl late sat night. Is anyone planning on driving back or has any crew driving back? Otherwise it looks like Northliner will make more money off me!!



Marshy 021746 129

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15-20 knot SE or SW or S




Too late to start a sweepstake but I say G3 can do orakei to Bream Head in 2 hours and 15 minutes (its 62 miles)


timberwolf has done it in 3 hours 20 before in a Coastal, so we are going to try for 3 hours !


Holy sh*t, it shouldn't be possible

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Good luck Mr Wolf, though I confess I'm seeing it the same way as John. PredictWind actually looks pretty grim tomorrow, better Sunday and Monday, hope it's right because we figured a major sleep in tomorrow, late afternoon departure with aperitifs and a nap at Kawau was the way to start a trip north. Then again, we drag copious quantities of lead so expecting anything that could be confused with enthusiasm and commitment is a bit much.

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We saw them crack out past past North head from Orakei on Sat morning - they went ok given the lack of breeze but seemed to sail into a massive hole out between Rakino and Tiri. Same hole we sailed into about 2 hours later...


Nice day on the water for a bit of a gentle cruise though.


No records broken I suspect...

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Nice day for sunbathing...

We crossed the finish line at 5.23pm or was it 6.23pm?

Who really cares.

Not much wind either way.

We got caned by the Tumbleweed when they went inside Tiri, we parked in the big hole outside.

Caught up to them at Kawau.

The whole day was pretty much dead maggot with nothing to 10kts max.


The rest of the delivery up to the Bay went pretty well...

Finally ran out of breeze proper about 10miles from Brett at midnight.

Motored into russell had a few beers, watched the sun come up.

Then had a big breakfast at Opua Marina.


Bring on the rest of the week....

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