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Finally got out for a sail again today. Took her up the harbour (or is it down?) towards Tauranga, but Mr RO kept turning back, concerned about the depth. I decided I had to go below and get the depth sounder going - but it was reading 110m and we were no where near in that much water!




Settled her on the beach at low tide, and tried to recalibrate the depth sounder. Seems to be working a little better - ie said we were in 3.9m of water when the chart plotter reckoned it was 16.4ft. (Got to figure that out too - what's with it being in feet?)


Managed to get a bit further that way, Mr RO with a bit more confidence with a chart to follow. Still we turned around well before the squeeze to Omokoroa.


Had the wee hand held GPS with me:

Max speed 14.4kt, moving aug 7.1kt - not too bad I thought for close-hauled on a 'not so windy' day!




Sexy sexy baby mine :D



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:clap: good on you it's nice to see her in such loved hands, i have known her since she was still been joined together in a dirty boat yard in henderson , it,s about time she had a loving owner ( i heard that the last one is a real pratt :wink: )


Ahh - so you know her from the bones up - I would be very interested in some stories bushman . . .


Looking out my windows this morning, I see that a nice steady SE breeze has now kicked in, and the sea looks a little lumpy, but the wind looks even on it.


We are off to brave the bar and see how long it takes us to get down to Tauranga, on the outside. On the nose again . . . :roll:



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Sailing Day Number Two




Well, we headed out to cross the bar this morning under motor only as the wind was right on the nose. It didn't look too bad at first, until we got past the first bar, and out towards the second.

The waves suddenly started to look rather large. They were just breaking infront of us. I checked my navigation mark on the GPS, and we were on course. Mr RO gunned the motor, and we shot over the breaking waves.


RO went up . . . and over, then slammed into the next wave, then up, and over. SLAM. Up, and over. Slam. (you get the picture :crazy: ) "Oh shite" I was thinking to myself.


Finally we got outside the bar, and continued out, heading just off the wind. The waves felt enormous. Young Master RO was calling out "I'm shitting myself". (I felt some empathy with him at the time :shock: Managed to get the main up, but she continued to hoby horse for a while until we got out into much deeper water, then we were able to hoist the jib.


Note to self - next time, have it all ready to go before attempting a bar crossing.


From there, it was a wild ride down to just North of the Tauranga Harbour entrance. Eight tacks later, we turned to reach back.


The forecast was for 10 kts SE - I do believe it was a bit more than that to start - white horses everywhere, and the swell was over one metre. Didn't feel half as bad when we turned and were no longer beating. :lol:


Turned to a run into the bar. We could not see the entrance as there was breaking water all over it. The GPS took us right to the safe mark, and then I set the second mark. Breaking water infront of us, I double checked the second mark, and we were on a true course - there indeed was more breaking waves between us the and mark.


Motor on, and surfing at just over 9 kts, we took the second bar. The waves just ahead of us were breaking. I tried to time it to get through between the breakers. The young fella put the washboards in - just in case. Mr RO kept the engine running just fast enough so that the wave behind pushed us through, and we stayed ahead of it breaking.


Heart stopping moments later, the breaking water was behind us, and we breathed a sigh of relief. I looked across at the young fella, and he was shaking uncontrollably. With a smile on his face he said "I am shaking because I am so scared". I replied. "Me too buddy - my heart is going like crazy".


Safely home at last - now it is time for me to wash all the salt off again.


Scarey stuff this crossing bars - although Mr RO has had lots of experience in his fishing days, this was only my second and third attempts at crossing a bar - the first being on our way home last Monday.


Checking the forecasts again - BOP marine was swells of 1m, but Coromandel was 1.5m. I think it was more the later than the former. We are right on the meeting line between the two areas. Note to self - always take note of the Coromandel forecast as well!


Amazing how calm it is in the harbour in comparison!


Max speed - into the wind - 14.5kt. Moving average 7.1kt


Sorry no pics today. I forgot the camera!


BTW - all on board WERE wearing their lifejackets 8)


M out :wink:

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Stop it you are scaring me , ok getting down 2 it are u coming down to do the raid !! We have 15 boats so far , and it not thrusday yet , pussycat is dieing to play, it is very friendy

Multihull weekend love to have u

Come down Friday my mooring is available if need phone

0211254640 lance

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