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...a circ of Tassie..

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...seems the ducks may just line up on the wall....


A circ of Tassie with my brothers wedding part way through.

I think its romantic to have a sibling sail into an ajacent anchoage for your wedding....but.....I would :wink:


Three months (or whatever the weather does)

Would like to have a few more boat bits, but I have learnt that its harder to have "time" than anything else so .....


we have started our "due dilegence" a long time ago , but are now right into it. Nervous but excited. Two up, with a very old dog. The Bi annual rally will be on our tail and as it will get busy in some ports we would like to stay ahead. It would be fun in a large group ...but the cost is the same as our projected diesel costs for four months so no go.


Its funny how each new adventure gets the butterflys going.

There is no leg on this that is anywhere as long as what we have done but yet it seems daunting.

Sure there is a real danger. West coast Tassie.....

Late night now, but I think I will find it hard to sleep for awhile as I do my endless mental checks.....


Happy sailing to you all.......


and is my tradition from a long long time ago......I get annoyed at the pre Christmas stuff ok so I am a Humbug grump...SO..HAVE a ...


Merry Christmas and a happy new year....respect and enjoy other cultures and peoples special days aswell...


now I have got my word in before all the stupid bull sh*t commercial, money centered, culture destroying, mind numbing, jive talking crap kills the whole meaning again.....


A previous,

Christmas day with my love, the boat and old dog...the dolphins , seals, and two watchfull albatross...all having a humoungous major party......rolling down the coast in a fist up northerly .....one of the best days of my life .

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Sounds like a great gig and I understand the butterflies. I've done a fair few miles in some bizarre places on bizarre boats and still get that feeling. Keeps me alive I guess.

I'm a bit concerned about the old dog though. Is it the missus? The boat? Or an actual canine? :lol: :lol: Any which way, shouldn't be a big problem as long as the boat/missus/pet can't read. Just make sure they're all well maintained.

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