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Took the Rental out for a sail tonight to check everything out and broke both the rudders, one is broken clean in half and the other is badly cracked in the same spot, right at the bottom of the cassette. it was good to get out even if it was only brief and ended in disaster....

Has anyone got any good idea of a quick fix or know where there are any other GBE rudders kicking around that we can buy or borrow untill we get ours sorted. Might be a good time to do a proper job and rebuild the whole setup but that would probably mean no BMW as we already have a large job list.

anyone got a mold for a rudder and cassette we could borrow.


really hoping someone has upgraded their GBE rudders and would sell the old ones!


Ideas welcome!


021 2222 143 or josh@nz.northsails.com

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I took a mold off my rudders just in case, and you can use that if you like - I just need to know who i lent it to last. Perhaps when I find out you can pick it up from them, anyone care to confess.



GUILTY ... I suggested lastnight BooBoo come pick them up

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when you drop Voom's rudder mold back to him you can drop my hatch mold round at the same time!

btw Bill - found some kit off your sail in my boat on the w/e


Come GBE sailing and share the love!


Hatch mould? I wonder if it would fit the elliott? we need to sort something out to stop the deluge of water through the hatch - even when it is closed. :?

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