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Nicky Cruz 7.6

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Gee what can I say? It's been on my mind a bit although that's not the reason for polishing the boat. I certainly appreciate the lesson Mr Wolf as no matter what I do it's just plain bloody hard work and being on my knees for hours at a time - knee pads and all - is just killing me.


A few years ago hyper was on the market and although I didn't look at it, I spent hours staring at it online and just wondering...

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Cheers AA. Yeah, Graemes a hard case alright. And always there with building advice when needed. Theres been a few times when he's dropped in to see how I'm getting on, that have turned into hours of multi-talk and boat bullshit :clap: . Its good to see him promoting his designs a bit more and doing a few new ones.

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Mate, you've not no idea how I envy you that shed you've got (had?) :mrgreen: . Working out in that shelter of mine in these wet weekends has been absolutely heinous. However ......


I've been working my way back a compartment at a time, filling, and sanding and final-coating the epoxy on the interior. Anchor locker floor is completed and drains are in. V berth compartment is finished and is waiting for me to build the (removable) berth inserts. Just made and glued the main cabin bunk tops in today. I'll finish them next weekend. This is all the built-in furniture in the boat. Everything else - double berth, galley module etc. will be removable.


I have trial fitted the cockpit risers but won't be fitting them permanently and starting to build the cockpit until after the epoxy has been touched up at the back of the boat. And thats it for now. Took last weekend off to catch up on some chores and took Graeme D for a sail on ye olde wharram Sunday. Nice day for it too!

IMGP2014 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2039 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2046 - Copy.JPG

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Finally things have warmed up/dried out. Cockpit is coming together now - dry fitting all components at this stage - its a lot easier to make mods, cut hatches etc working on the bench. Also been experimenting with different heights of mounting the outboard bracket. Discovered the shaft length (measured correctly betrween cav plate and inner top of mounting bracket) of my 5 merc LS is 22" instead of the 20 I thought it was. A bit of thought has gone into planning cockpit storage etc. I've just got room for a locker for the outboard and petrol in one of the cockpit seats, which will save having to manhandle the bloody thing down into the cabin. 3 weeks leave coming up in November so hope to get a chunk of work done then. Starting to think about the cabin construction too :think:

IMGP2141 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2143 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2127 - Copy.JPG

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Got rained out of the shed (shack) yesterday. So just for a change I sanded and polyurethaned the bathroom floor. Joy.


V-berth inserts are finished. I may never use these but much easier to get them done before the foredeck goes on. Deck stringers fitted.

IMGP2260 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2272 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2280 - Copy.JPG

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Now where were we......... carrying on with the foredeck which is now glassed. I couldn't make my mind up about a plastic anchor well hatch and I wanted it removable, so in the end I laminated one up out of 3mm ply. The upper part of the rear cabin bulkhead is now fitted so the next thing (once I've finished cleaning up the foredeck) will be to frame up the cabin and get the ply on, before cutting the front beam trough and cabin access hatch.

IMGP2285 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2288 - Copy.JPG

IMGP2295 - Copy.JPG

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Do you have a picture of the interior layout


You can have a 'V' berth forward 1.8 x 1.5, two settees 1.9 long and if you are really keen on playing sardines you can put a 5th berth under the cockpit. Remove the V-berth inserts and there is a nice big sail bin. Porta loo is at the front of the cabin. There is an anchor locker forward, outboard/fuel stows in a self-draining cockpit locker. Big chilli-bin under the cockpit. I'm going to build a small removable galley unit which will house a camping stove and a few utensils, which can go either side or out in the cockpit. Its only being set up to overnight 1 or 2. Four of us in a Tasman 20 when I was a kid cured me of overcrowding boats :wink:

NC25 int-b.jpeg

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