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ahahah just been scrolling up and down the photos, trying to work out why you put an extra layer on the bottom (pic 278) :oops: :lol:


How do you finish the twill on the bow?? is that what picture 300 is showing?


Cheers Ben.


So #278 is basically showing that before the Deck was laminated, we started with around a 2mm rebate in the bow.

The bow wrap layers in #278 are 3 200 gm Carbon Cloth layers.


then the deck was laminated.

when the hull laminate goes on it is just cut at the bow rebate.


after that dries, the bow is sanded up, and 4 more layers of Carbon Cloth 200 gm are put on at 45 degrees. that wrap over the bow, and land in our side rebates.


So what we end up with at the bow is about 120mm wide of High Density foam, which is covered in a total of 1900 grams of Carbon.


we end up around 8mm thick, and seriously strong !


As well in the earlier photos we also have a solid bulkhead around 500mm aft of the bow in case we do a Charleston on an MRX.

Except in our case I think the MRX will sink !

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I had a look at the new float yesterday, very nice design and build quality.


Perfect upgrade for the Wolf to make it slay some more cats.


Keep wondering to myself if the smaller foil assisted floats would have been better for my new boat but I dont think their would be enough horsepower to drive the foils in a wide range of conditions within the 8.5 rule so still happy with the monster 350% floats like Lucifer...

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