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A Word from YNZ


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“Yachting New Zealand recognises that this forum connects with a whole lot of sailors and boaties out there, and offers us an opportunity to develop a better connection with you.


We decided to create “YNZ Talk”; initially it will be a forum for us to post updates, issues we feel may interest you or you may want to get involved in (lifejacket regulation changes, etc) and also for us to be able to ask your opinion on matters we are working on.


We want to keep this forum constructive and useful for you and for us. As such we may limit the ability to post replies on some threads; however it may prompt discussion in other areas of the forum.


We will trial the forum for the next few months; if it is proving to be a good thing then we’ll keep it going.


We hope that this will be something you appreciate and find helpful, and our aim is to give you a better understanding of what YNZ is doing and encourage you to engage with us more. As always we are happy for people to come and see us, or pick up the phone and give us a ring.


Andrew Clouston

YNZ Participation and Development Manager”

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Rehab, please take this as a positive comment but many of your posts are close to unintelligible. Please work on formatting, sentence construction, spelling and grammar. It would make it much easier

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Yes boys and girls, we have our own portal to discuss issues we consider of importance with the body that represents us.

You will see our latest member is YNZ.

We do ask that in this instance the threads not deteriorate into slanging matches, but YNZ are interested to hear constructive critcism and suggestions. I will watch carefully, but for now the forum is open and I hope I won't have to use the option of limiting access for posting.




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