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Takapuna Beach


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Totally agree.   He also believes he has done a great job at the "Olympic level" because of the two medals won in the last Olympics! (Something the two crews did ) He actually believes he has made a

YNZ, I would conduct myself in person the same way as here.   Don't confuse the issues and facts with emotion please.   Look forward to a response.   Also you could have replied lIke this 2 days

Well, seeing as it's now all about the locals, here's what happens we when look at the figures for the Resource Consent application, which YNZ trumpeted as "a thumbs up from the public":   Resource

And another couple of question for someone who might actually know -


Why is trailer access to Takapuna beach restricted to the boat ramp only?


Why are chains/bollards to the other 3 ramps never unlocked/removed?


Is this a plan by Auckland City Council to ensure sailing dinghies can never launched from the beach?


In case you're wondering - get the wind from the wrong direction and all sailing dinghies have to tack up and down the only open ramp which the fizz boat guys do not find amusing as we take up so much space. When I say "we" it takes just two dinghies and we block the ramp or must launch one at a time as we navigate through the fizz boats and 4 wheel drives.


(Posted in response to the various ill-informed posts found on the i-net about the YNZ plan that report (correctly) there are very few sailing dinghies to be seen off Takapuna beach but they know knot the reason why.)

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Sent to ACC's "action line" via their web form today (http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/F ... nline.aspx).




Enquiry about: Complaint about our service





How can we help:

With regards: Access to Takapuna beach for Sailing Dinghies


The council provides extremely limited access to Takapuna beach for sailing dinghies.


There are four car ramps to the beach which would allow a sailing dinghy on a beach cradle to be dropped off and picked up safely.


The three ramps that provide the best access for sailing dinghies as they allow a launch from the beach are blocked by chains or bollards that will not permit a sailing dinghy on a beach cradle access to the beach. These chains and bollards appear locked almost every day, every weekend and all through the public holidays and school holidays. On extremely rare occasions the ramp opposite the café is opened for short periods.


Only one ramp is accessible which is used by all sorts of water craft (and sight sightseers) and is too narrow; and often too busy; to safely launch a sailing dinghy from. For parents of children who wish to sail - using this sole ramp is dangerous to both the children and their sailing dinghies.


Further, with the wind in some directions, it is necessary to tack or gybe down the accessible ramp to ensure the sailing dinghy remains upright and undamaged. (Beaches have no such limitations.) This causes frustration for (and angry words from) other users of the only accessible boat ramp.


For a solo sailor; i.e. most kids classes of sailing dinghies but many adult classes too; the boat must be left unattended in the water at the foot of the ramp and at significant risk of damage while the solo sailor places the beach cradle out of the way of motor vehicles and other ramp users on what is a narrow ramp. When launching from a beach the there are various techniques the solo sailor can use to ensure the dinghy is at little risk and the other users of the beach are unaffected.


I would like to understand what the council's policy is with regards access to Takapuna beach is for people who wish to launch their sailing dinghies from the beach. At present the policy seems to serve motor boats only.


Sailing is something of a technical sport. Should council officers need clarification of terms or manoeuvres described above I would delighted to show council officers using my Olympic class sailing dinghy. (FYI: Kiwi sailors of currently both the men's and women's world champions of the same class.)





Thank you for contacting Auckland Council.


Your email has been referred to a member of our customer services team, who will respond to you directly or refer your query to the appropriate person within three working days.

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