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Mussel Farm at Stephenson Island Whangaroa

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I understand that the mussel farm application for an area near Stephenson Island outside Whangaroa Harbour is being appealled in the Environment Court and that Yachting New Zealand are one of the appellants.


Can you give any information about where this Environment Court appeal is at and where its going?

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There were two appellants, YNZ and Whangaroa Maritime Recreational Park Steering Group.


YNZ, the Council and Westpac Mussels have agreed that, subject to the Court's approval, the appeal can be resolved by way of consent (proposed settlement) as a result of a reduction of size and layout of the farm; in particular opening up space near the anchorages.


YNZ had concerns around navigational safety and access to anchorages on the island (particularly in bad weather when getting in to Whangaroa Harbour was dangerous and Stephenson Island was your best chance for shelter). This proposed settlement will allow access to the bays at the southern end of the island.


The Whangaroa Maritime Recreational Park Steering Group's appeal could not be resolved by way of settlement and the parties are carrying on with their appeal, the hearing date is set for the 9th of December.


The agreed outcome between YNZ and applicant is a minimum position subject to court approval and may be smaller depending on the outcome of the Environment Court hearing.


On this subject YNZ recently achieved a good outcome on Plan Change 4, a plan change to the Northland regional coastal plan which deals with the establishment of aquaculture in the Northland coastal marine environment. We will be putting something out in Briefings (and on here) shortly.

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