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Seeking input on PHRF

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YNZ are committed to providing a valued national performance based handicapping system and are currently working through a revamp of the current PHRF handicapping system.


We have had some technical difficulties integrating some of the features of PHRF on to our new web platform which we are working to fix. We also have an issue that the current software used to run PHRF will encounter compatibility and support issues as time goes on. As we undertake to sort out these issues we have an opportunity to develop the system that makes things better for the boat owners, clubs and for YNZ to administer.


We would like to give users of PHRF an opportunity to have input in to making the system better. This can be in relation to how you get your PHRF certificate, how results are displayed, what changes you might make to the handicap ratings, which races count towards your TCF, etc.


We have set up a very short survey to collect your feedback, if you have feedback on the current system and ideas on how to improve it please click the link below and send us your thoughts. We will run the survey for two weeks.


We know surveys aren't people's favourite thing to do, so once the survey finishes we'll draw two respondents out of a hat to win a SLAM dry bag (you will need to provide your name, club and email to be eligible for the dry bag).


Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BYNBWTP





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CIORC have largely working with PHRF lately, however they have had discussions about engaging with the multi fleets. YNZ will make an approach to the Multihull YC to see if someone would like to come

The posting above by GUEST is ISAF wording they are promoting it / pushing it [ READ THEIR WORDING ] and the USA have joined the revolution towards it. Quoting Europe is a no argument. The argument is

That's no excuse if their is a better and fairer system.   OC

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Get Mark to integrate a results calculator in the YNZ site. A club has a race then logs into that page and enters the numbers into that, then prints out their line and h/c results for the prize giving. At the same time the results go into the PHRF database which is tweaked to be dynamic rather than the static it is.


End result is all clubs have computerised results and h/c workings.

YNZ gets all info from all clubs into the PHRF system

The clubs only have to play with the results once

YNZ doesn't have to play with anything

And maybe the sailors can have the ability to suss all races at all clubs at any stage.

Best of all PHRF isn't a year behind what's actually happening on the water so become more relevant and it a lot harder to game.



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Just for the record.

National relativity. Boats in Wellington or Tauranga should be able to meet boats from Auckland thinking their ratings are fair.

Measurement component - not just results

Surf vs non surf factor in offshore handicap.

Bands for one design - esp Y88 and 1020

Greater integrity check for same hull, differing rig / keel/prod (esp SR26/930/1050/Y11) Note Class Assns should have input here not just rely on the number YNZ spits out.

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Greater integrity check for same hull, differing rig / keel/prod (esp SR26/930/1050/Y11) Note Class Assns should have input here not just rely on the number YNZ spits out.


I made the same points on the survey. To me, in a class at least, PHRF should be less about performance and more about measurement.


To use the 930 as an example, a base 930 should be say .725 Add masthead gear +.005, add a prod/asymmetrics +.005, add a code0 +.005, Square top carbon main +.005, non standard keel +.005 to +.010 depending on configuration, inboard -.005 :-) , Booboo on board +.025 :-) Some of the increments could be open to discussion as to penalty but the formula is pretty transparent. Updates to your number could be as simple as ticking a box.

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