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'Mast climber' required

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In a 'grey' moment :eh: I accidentally pulled through my jib halyard! Apart from a fair bit of swearing and cursing it hasn't helped get a new halyard fed through the mast! If someone could fed through a new rope for me for a small fee or some beers I really appreciate it! My boat is moored at Half Moon bay and can bring the boat to the wharf if that makes it easier.





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I've done that !! It's surprisingly easy to do, actually. :?

For the fix, all you need is a small, athletic sailor - ie., one of your friends' kids.

Be sure to put a length of bicycle chain on the end so it descends

down the inside of the mast with alacrity.

There are also some good tricks to pull the end out of the proper hole in your mast - some involve zip ties.

Good Luck !! :thumbup:

The Old Gringo

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