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From the multi hull website

Attitude, Voom, Capricorn, Hooters, Dirty Deeds, Whio, Creepy Crawler, Putiki Express, Lucifer, Freedom, Rental, Pussycat , Ocean Pacific, Cubic, Penelope.


What about Tiger(saw them up at mahurangi) , need for speed?(will jon be back by then?), push play?, Epsom salts?, high veclity is thinking about it, seemed pretty keen.

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In my official ringing around I discovered most are real keen but Tim Push Play is unfortunately going to be out of the country skiing that weekend!

Subject to weather, I would like to see all the unmeasured boats (with their weight certificates) at the XYZ marina westhaven prior to the next Wednesday nite race. No weight cert and you only get a provisional 8.5 certificate and you will not be eligible for overall prizes!

There will only be one measuring session prior to BMW.

Call 021 2959 467 or PM to book your place in the queue.

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Tigre definitely not doing it -spoke to mr huntington last night.

Jon off Need for speed emailed saying he wont be back till march.

We are trying to line Hans up.

Orient Express is expressing interest and just needs a bit of encouragement.

Ditto Euphoria


..we arent looking too bad for numbers.

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To be honest when I was on the 8.5 committee I wanted to make a rule that boats which are a known design and unmodified would automatically qualify for being and 8.5. Whats the point in measuring Putiki Express, there is no possible way it wont measure!

just like Cubic, its the same as Predictwind but heavier (nor carbon), so shouldnt it automatically qualify? unless someone protests?


just my 2c


Btw Bill you do an awesome job and I for one appreciate you volunteer time!

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The policy is to be as inclusve as possible to help generate the fleet numbers and we do kind of what you said already althouh it is not a Rule as it needs flexibility.

In cases where we know lots about class boats and we have measured a couple to find out either way if they fit, or may be very close to limits, it becomes easier to make the call if a boat will definitely measure, or not i.e. (GBEs, modded GBE, F25R etc) or if it warrants further scrutiny.

Where there has been only one of a design measured and weighed any other sisterships will be checked until a clear pattern emerges.

For example having measured Rental and looking at where it floats I know it is definitely not pushing toward the light side of 900kg so weighing just becomes another expense for the owner.

There is some variation in the little Farriers, Putiki isnt the same as NFS/Push play and should Breeze through but John Mi wants to do it right so there can be no arguements later.

Remember as the length goes down so does the minimum weight according to the formula

LOA (in metres) x100+50 = XXXkg. I think its the smaller boats which have a greater potential to be under their minimum weight. If you recall Creepy was just 20kg shy of the mimimum allowable for its length.

So, even if Lucifer weighs in at over 900kg your new boat will still need to jump on the scales.


I will be at XYZ this afternoon after windsurfing to check whoever is there, beginning between 1-30 and 2.

Call 021 2959 467

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