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a 40 m^2 mainsail on a 11.6m high mast with a Righting moment of around 3000kg/m equates to a main head load of 684 kg

How do you calculate that?




Enter numbers into our RC calc sheets !

Or use AES 01 numbers!


Both are our Spar design tools.

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Does that 'main head load' translate directly to actual 'load on the halyard' though? Wouldn't that formula be more a horizontal than vertical load. It may well do but I'm just struggling a little to see how. But I'm sure as apples no Albert Einstein.

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Its the load at the head. If it is a 1:1 halyard it is also the load the halyard is under.


For what its worth Vincents numbers for TVS is 10ton on Main Haliard and 2.5 on the Cunningham and 9 on the Sheet.


Asuming he's ball park right, I would expect loosely pro-rata loads to righting moment for other multis?

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