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  1. Hello everyone. I am brand new to the area. I am from Florida and have grown up around boats. I spent 6 years in the US Coast Guard. I have very little sailing experience, but would love to gain more knowledge. I will be living in Auckland for the next 6 months and would love to get some sailing under my belt. If you have some room on your boat for an afternoon sail, I would love to tag along. I do not mind helping in anyway in return for a ride. If you would like to just get some pictures or video of your boat, I have some camera equipment. I am on an "Around the World Trip" at the moment, and plan to do some Ocean sailing at some point in my travels. I am new to this Forum, so sorry if this is not posted in the right place. Is there a thread that has sail along postings? You can contact me at Parisproductions1@gmail.com Thanks in advance. -Paris Wells
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