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Welcome to the world famous crew.org.nz Rum Race!

This race is or should I say was a permanent fixture on Aucklands yachting calendar prior to covid. In 2023 you will be part of an illustrious tradtion. There is always a theme which is published a bit closer to the date. Prizes are given out for the best dressed crew and boat, among others but you need to be there, no matter how big or small your vessel is!

How to enter 

Simply email the following details to rumrace@crew.org.nz

  • Name
  • Boat Name
  • Type of Boat
  • Sail Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

The entry fee is $25 per boat We will reply with instructions on how to pay,  entries will be accepted and your boats name will be published on crew.org.nz  once we recieve the the fee into our account.

Sailing Instructions


It's run under the COLREGS, NOT RRS, and there is no officiating Yacht Club. There is no "mark room" no luffing" or any other of the usual argy bargy!

The start will be Mark Foy (staggered based upon handicap) with the first boats away at 5.45pm, with a mass finish planned. Handicaps are provided courtesy of  the excellent racetrack.org.nz.

We will publish the course on crew.org.nz rum race page which will be the live notice board, we will also email you your start time and course as early as practical.

  1. Keep your VHF on channel 17 for race control.
  2. Colregs will apply 
  3. Start line is from the tower on the breakwater to the yellow mark (ODM to the cognoscenti), finish line is a transit through these two i.e. you can finish outside the line. 
  4. 5 min warning at 5.40 pm. 
  5. 4 min another noise 
  6. 1 min. Another noise. 
  7. 5.45 first start – noise time is displayed at tower. 
  8. 5.46 numbers change, more noise 
  9. Get the idea, till all boats have started. 
  10. Course will be posted on Crew.org.nz on 18th as well.
  11.  Race pennant will be an item of clothing in the rig. Use your imagination.
  12.  Dressing up and acting silly is encouraged, there will be a prize for best dressed
  13.  Protests will not be accepted
  14.  This is a rum race, so sails allowed are limited to Mains, Mizzens, sails designed to be attached to the forestay, mizzen staysails, gollywobblers.

Prizegiving and Party

After the race there will be a prizegiving and party. We aim to have everyone finished racing by 7.30pm and the prizegiving will be done and dusted by 9.00 p.m sharp, the extremely generous prizes will be given out on a first up best dressed basis, if you're not present the next boat will get them! Once the live music starts after the formalities, no one knows when the party ends.

The idea is to get non-sailors out on the water - remember this is a one off sailing event not a race, so it's the perfect opportunity to introduce friends to our sport. There will be spot prizes and most importantly prizes for best stuff ups, so get out there and get sailing!

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