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Most important rule: this is a privately owned site thats provided free of charge as a service to NZ yachties. You will not be asked to agree with the following rules, but you will be expected to abide by them. If this is not ok, you are encouraged to exercise your freedom to go spend your time on one of the many other sailing forums. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

General behavior: we ask that you behave here in the same manner as you do with your friends, respectfully and exercise common sense. When you have doubts about posting something, don't. 

The Moderators: arguing with the moderators about the rules is usually a losing proposition. Doing it over a difference of opinion will not get you banned, but the manner in which you choose to do it might. Insulting the moderators is usually not a good idea. 

Classifieds: we have a classifieds section for you to sell your stuff to other members, feel free to use it. 

Politics and religion: discussions of those topics will not be tolerated. The moderators might let a joke slide on occasion. Try to use some common sense. If you can't, just don't take a chance. If it involves government, it's probably not worth trying unless it's directly related to yachting. Arguing that your political affiliation or your God is better than others will earn you a vacation with absolute certainty. Keep those discussions for the forum dedicated to them when it's open. When it's closed, just take it elsewhere.

Photographs and copyrighted material: do not post it without permission from the owner/publisher. Just post a link to the page where it is hosted.



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