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  2. OMG, that wunderground site is amazing. Pity I didn't have access to that in a recent court case.
  3. If you have a power boat then you may want to get a Sea Pen https://dockpro.com.au/seapen/ Quite a few of them at Tairua marina.
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  5. I've been to see them and they are giving me good advice. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Us multihull owners love our redundancy for our redundancy! As the alternator belt drives the internal waterpump, we do need to have some kind of spare onboard in case one throws a bearing.
  7. Thanks, That's some really good advice that has got me rethinking what I'm actually trying to do. I don't really need the charging capacity of the stock Hitachi, and I have 3 of them (1 on the engine, one off the other engine and one spare), but the charging capacity of the Balmar is more essential if the sun doesn't shine. We killed a set of AGMs in Tonga when is rained for almost 5 weeks straight, so no solar, and our generator died (RIP you POS!). I'll start my research on those Leece Neville alternators as we have plenty of room around the engine.
  8. https://www.wunderground.com/history
  9. NIWA has all sorts of data you can poll, its a cumbersome website to use and you have to be very specific or else it spits out garbage. It will depend upon where geographically, you need the info for and what you are trying to prove, whether a wind or rain event for instance. Additionally some stations gather complete data while others will collect say rainfall only. You can poll time ranges and dates to and from, actual wind direction and use several stations.
  10. If the ferry had been two feet to the left they would have taken the rig out at the gooseneck and saved them having to pull the rig for the dangly top bit. What on earth makes people think they can win against a vessel like a ferry, stay out of their way.
  11. Predict wind also shows some history - could try emailing their support and seeing if they have older data than they publish? Are you wanting it for Auckland i assume?
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  13. Metservice site has the previous month, rolling, on it but you maybe a 2 days late for that.
  14. Yeap it is a real thing :) We'll keep your 22's in mind for next time, it is a big pile of fun.
  15. Maybe it had just broken, he was looking up going "%#@&*" and then the ferry hit? 😏
  16. You'll probably need taper details as well. Hopefully it will be a standard taper. Would MaxProp hold the details of that?
  17. Pulled the plate out of a Marten Noelex a few times, I don't remember there being anything special around the pin. Honestly can't remember how we got it in or out these days, but I know it was a hella heavy once it hit the floor! If you have the boat "lifted" I'd be checking the entire centreboard, I can remember one of the Auckland Marten boats had the board crack, then the steel insides rusted and expanded, jamming it solid in the case. That boat (Spasmodic) later underwent a major refit, including a daggerboard conversion, and is still racing today. Funnily enough it's the boat th
  18. Ferry hits forestay, pulls mast forward, backstay keeps top of mast where it is, something has to give. Maybe it was broken before and it was just a coincidence that he hit the ferry?
  19. Does anyone know where to find historical data for the now casting. Looking for wind data between 0700 and 1000. 22nd Dec 2020 or anyone who may have access to it. Insurance issue Ta
  20. Hah! Gust Buster is a Raven 31 that I used to race on out of the Weiti about 15+ yrs ago.
  21. Im trying to work out how the mast got broken. That can only have happened by being pulled by the backstay or main halyard one would think. Neither of which vulnerable from the bow. Extra points for that
  22. should have put those fenders on the bow...
  23. Wait, this was a thing? If you do it again, I can think of another 22 class that could muster up a fleet. From memory, not a million miles away performance wise either.
  24. Thanks again for the replies. Fish, the contact for The Engine Room sounds worth a follow up and Frank, that was a useful link you provided. All good info. I'm breaking the job into two parts. The first is to fabricate a new manifold for the engine, replicating the original one as closely as possible, but in stainless. While we are doing that I'll investigate the options for the riser and mixing elbow. There's a bit of a plan taking shape, so I hopefully I'll be able to share some photos before too long (and be back on the water).
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    prada 3

    Learnt a bit from viewing on the water Saturday, the coverage is very delayed at the start but through the race appeared to catch up a little, even though we were on a luxury launch the view from North Head is superior (of course C) particularly of the tactics and gusts with lifts and knocks readily apparent.
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