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  2. The weather at the time was such that the large Whangarei helicopter had to consider how to manage the mission -certainly not 10 knots till well into the next day. There are a lot of 'rogue' waves straight off the Surville cliffs in a wild Nor easter or in fact off a shoreline when the swells feel the ground close in...
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  4. Watching the "Newshub Investigation" on 3 last night, the survivors said the conditions had improved, wind was only 10 knots, and they got hit by a rogue wave. However the helicopter crews said the conditions were challenging. Sounds like fuel was an issue, and they may have been able to pick up the others in the water if they had more fuel. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/newshub-investigates-the-enchanter-tragedy-.html
  5. Is there a pill for that, as I have a lot of " at least I have it if I need it stuff." Where is that factory outlet again?
  6. I will know nothing about that until April or May. There will be an update if I observe anything interesting when the boat leaves the water for this season in a few weeks time. /Martin
  7. I had a friend with one, did a few miles on it around Wellington and Cook Strait, comfortable boat and got along nicely. I would think quite a bit more room than the Tracker. My mate went from a Nova to the D31 and we thought the space difference was awesome. I think there were a couple of different layouts.
  8. Thanks, I'll make a follow-up. I ended up making the drive to Kaiwaka and went to their factory outlet store, I'd highly recommend if anyone is passing through. There are some really amazing deals, the only issue is they only sell factory seconds and it's pretty limited in range and size. They will usually be able to grab you firsts at full price from the factory though. I was really only going there to try stuff on and get a feel for it but ended up coming away with a good set of stuff. In the end what I think would've been ideal for me (fishing and coastal sailing) was the
  9. Hi Guys, After opinions on a Davidson 31. We have done a bit of sailing in the past including an Atlantic crossing but all boating has been on hold while we bought a house and had babies. Now my young fella is 4 it's time to get him on the water. Started out looking at Ravens and Trackers, but just came across what looks like a nice Davidson 31. Twice the price but is it worth it? Can't find much about the 31 online, are they good boats? Future plans are to head off shore but a long way away and a different boat for the foreseeable it's really for exploring the gulf. Thou
  10. Thanks, we will be very interested to see how you get on, how about recoating and touch ups?
  11. My plan was to wait till after the boat was out of the water. In short: Works as advertised by which I mean, yes things grow but they are really easily removed. This includes barnacles. I can't just brush them off but a mild nudge with a finger is all that is needed. I have had to clean the boat more but since the work has been easier the sum of work is roughly the same. The only disappointment is how rough the surface is. I have done some more research and now I know what to use for thinning this paint. I will try that for next season. I doubt you really have to repaint each se
  12. Some you may remember Bill Hohepa (Wayne Wills) tragedy off Cape Kari Kari in the early 2000's when one of his clients drowned. Have a read of this BSA complaint for an overview of the event then get googling. The way its written, the language of authorities, the dissection of various points illustrate that this could get very complicated if the MSA are involved. https://www.bsa.govt.nz/decisions/all-decisions/new-zealand-maritime-safety-authority-and-tv3-network-services-ltd-2004-116/
  13. Could be true https://www.smh.com.au/national/winged-keel-not-lexcens-design-dutch-architect-claims-20091013-gvnr.html
  14. A16 Little Jim (1934) did the coastal a few years ago.
  15. Classics... Yep they where designed liked that I believe. Guess it could be like motorbikes registered before 1978 don't require indicators... Last time I checked.
  16. Multis have a separate set of rules for lifelines that allows a few different options, one of which is just jackstays and harnesses.
  17. The Piedys have put together a proposal to YNZ to ask for a Class exemption from the Lifelines. Fingers crossed they can get it sorted in time as i would be awesome to see a fleet of Piedys on the line!
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  19. I could be wrong, but had a funny feeling peidy's could get an exemption for lifelines as they are classic - that was a few years ago that I heard that so might have changed
  20. Yes, that sounded very underhanded. The way Tom Whidden tells it, the rule stated the keel had to be designed in competitors country, but Lexcen said he designed it in Holland. So maybe USA were right on that?
  21. Cat 3 required. Don't think there are any exemptions.
  22. The Spanish team defending the America's Cup should be able to afford a pretty nice event in Auckland with all that extra sponsorship money they've opened up by moving to Europe right? Right? They're not going to expect a small city like Auckland no longer directly involved to pay, right? Right?
  23. I asked a few years ago and the answer was no but maybe times have changed?
  24. Do mulitis have lifeline exemptions?
  25. Looking at the entries there’s no piedies . Are they not getting a lifeline exemption ?
  26. Hi Jason Thanks for getting in touch & all sounds good. Can you please send me both your email address & mobile number to iangabriel1968@gmail.com or 027 457 8220. I will send you my crew information email & link to my interactive crew spreadsheet, Thanks Ian
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