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  2. I think I might as well. Will check for you.
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  4. Yes I do, they are bolted to my deck and I use them frequently.
  5. does anyone have a small Robb/Howard clutch per below (mounting holes at 90mm centres), to suit 10mm rope preferably metal body
  6. What's scary is there's a bunch of them. Facebook is sending them to me relentlessly.
  7. To easy try turning a carbon spar into a wooden one.
  8. The author means well but he's out of his depth and kind of making it up and he goes along!
  9. There are some really bad writers in the marine field but this is so bad it's actually funny I'll have what writer is on.Bought tears to my eyes.
  10. Hi i have a Shoalcraft 30 that as the Chris Brimmer cockpit extension for better cruising and racing. Saltydog is well known out of BBYC but currently relocated on farm for a repaint.
  11. Yes I did clean the run up and no I don't know why last pic upside down
  12. Today Installed sail drive boot, epoxy primed and applied first coat of Antifoul. 2nd coated internal window trims, installed windows just in time to weatherproof boat for the forecasted rain! Windows a hard job solo in a breeze
  13. Friday afternoon/Saturday ... Painted new charcoal metallic boot top above my laboriously reclaimed white gelcoat factory stripe. Re drilled bolts for rudder top gudgeon, removed, freed up and reinstalled grease gland packers for bearings. Fitted rudder bearing tube and rudder. No play now! Installed new prop and prop speeded sail drive and prop. Wife and kids masked and sanded teak interior window trims. I prepped external window surrounds and installed vhb tape, and marked and masked window outlines.
  14. I bet he has a column somewhere on "What size House for a Family of Five?" It starts off "Houses are big and small. Some are inbetween. A house can have a front porch. You will need a roof, and floor is also a good idea" It goes downhill from there.
  15. Yiu should get a credit. If it's good enough for a WOF it's the same thing ? Email YNZ & hope for a reply
  16. That's the consequence of dumbing down the population. Have a look on SA at a 3 story 'sailiing" cat. Don't often agree with that Editor but he's on to this one !
  17. There are some really bad writers in the marine field but this is so bad it's actually funny https://www.lifeofsailing.com/post/what-size-catamaran-to-sail-around-the-world
  18. Last summer they had a visitor at Te Toro ramp.A mid size Gt White
  19. Last week
  20. I grew up holidaying at the family bach at Te Tora, a group of batches on the Waiuku inlet across the water from glenbrook. We had instilled a healthy respect for the harbour. strong tides, strong winds don't mix well with shallow water, moving channels, sandbanks and mud
  21. If you ever get invited to do trip on the Manukau in a fizzy,well worth going on a good day.Cornwallis around puponga pt towards the heads.The scenery stunning.Acroos,short of the bar to the lighthouse to tipitai head (cake island,within 10 m of the shoreline and you are in 30m+ but shallows real quick,along towards mako pt.and back to cornwallis . The rest is just mud and channels. Been on the muddy a few times (harbour fishing) seals in winter orca in spring late summer get Dolphins. Tipitai head. There was a book writthen by Mavis Brambly? sea cockies of the manukau. The use to hunt s
  22. Fish

    Kayak Fatality

    A diver died at Cornwallis last weekend as well. Yes, all completely different, unrelated events. It just doesn't draw me to that piece of water.
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