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  2. There are reports (unofficial) that caulerpa has been found at Rakino. Hardly surprising, but disappointing non the less. Will be interesting how long it takes for this news to become official. There is a crowd on Waiheke that want to work out if they can compost it. Currently this is not allowed because it is a controlled organism. They have been told they aren't allowed to. Sounds like the dredged stuff is going to landfill, but unofficially stuff on Aotea (that is Great Barrier for the non-woke) is being composted. I assume that is washed up stuff at a cottage industry scale,
  3. The s0ftc0cks will want every one wearing lifejackets next. It's a disgrace to the newzild culture of dying like men. White men. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ
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  5. Excellent. Being woke is a good thing. /woสŠk/ aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality
  6. I am pretty sure that it's still going to be "Coastguard" for the foreseeable, since no one it going to be saying "quick, call the Tautiaki's when they hit the rocks. It's a nice gesture, but it's just a marketing slogan in the same way the dolphins were plastered over everything in the 90's.
  7. Another organization going broke. Fixed
  8. Another organization going woke.
  9. Who is this St Johns you speak of? I've only seen Hato Hone something something driving what look like ambulances.
  10. After St Johns rebranded donations dropped... would have thought Coastguard would learn from that!
  11. After many years with a recognisable image, it's time to shake things up, change the name, change the logo! https://www.coastguard.nz/ourevolution/ Whether it's sharing all we know through our education programmes, giving you a tow home or coming to your rescue, we're here for boaties โ€“ whatever their waka. Our new look and feel is designed to do just that. Itโ€™s more approachable, friendly, more relevant to all New Zealanders, regardless of their background or experience on the water. In short, itโ€™s closer to who we are today โ€“ not an enforcement agency guarding the coast
  12. Last week
  13. Another one is the Cavalier 32, with pinched stern lines, but a fin keel this time. They become completely unsteerable in following seas and broach I disagree with this. Back in 1977 I spent quite a few hours steering a Cav 32 in a southerly storm off the Wairarapa Coast, running with just a storm jib on (We were heading up from Wellington for the Auckland-Suva race). There was a lot of white water coming over the back of the boat and filling the cockpit quite regularly. The waves were often very steep and quite large. The worst of it came through during the night, so not much
  14. Updated to include power boat options
  15. Think you did a couple of races with me in the trans Tasman series on Goldilocks many tears ago Sudden. I did a few Wednesday night races on Sunbird.
  16. Our Family had the Cav 32, Sunbird in the 80s. Great boat. It was always kept in great condition, and for many years fastidiously maintained in Mangonui. About 5 - 10 years ago a French couple purchased it and have set it up for offshore. They moved chainplates out to the hull. Not sure why. Photo below. It was very cool to find out 30+ years later the old boat was being well looked after.
  17. Related to Fishing boat grounding at Noises Island, but a bigger issue / subject altogether... Grim. https://gulfjournal.org.nz/2024/04/diver-finds-ecological-disaster-at-site-of-chokyu-maru-grounding/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3nrT7j2U6phn9soP_o3Gbb0SMI5xrAcrcaow814FotPZGyqLl-6Z0kxIM_aem_AbD-6C0q2ATivKkdBZIZnhC8wzsWMULNmSxnPLgbfrd_IQbYxm8otzNIfSYMxc7cVis7V2XDsw7EF-ch27Qm1Vfp The next day underwater photographer Shaun Lee visited the site to see what damage had been done. He found a 9m2 gash in the reef where the large ship had made impact with massive force, leaving a tonne of b
  18. Never had a problem downwind. Usedca drogue in anything over about 40kn. Sailed through much more on occasion
  19. I have fitted a Fleming servo pendulum unit to the deck of Stormbird. If you would like to look at it to get some ideas PM to arrange. The boat is at Westhaven.
  20. Thanks ,I have got an Aries in storage I want to mount the tubes on the deck rather than bolting into the transom ,any thoughts re that?
  21. I would personally replace any of the fundamental elements of the boat unless they had been taken care of already. About following seas, I am not sure I can agree....it does not feel that bad....
  22. WTB SD 20 saildrive shaft and nut that keeps prop on. I snapped the thread on the end of the propshaft trying to remove the nut. Boat now stuck on the hardstand. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ross
  23. Found it: Eric from Nordkyn Design on the Contessa 32 and the weakness of that pinched stern in following seas: Heavy weather dynamics: the behaviour of yachts in following seas | Nordkyn Design These are his opinions, not mime. The Cav gets a mention: Hindsight is always a wonderful thing of course, but โ€“ assuming that a Contessa 32 can point acceptably in high winds and heavy seas, a very open question โ€“ had she turned it around and sailed upwind, she might have come out better off because designs like this one just wonโ€™t run in heavy seas. Another one is the Cavalier 32, wit
  24. You have any issue in a following sea with her little backside? There is some foreign designer / builder that lives down south island, that says some less than savoury things about the following sea capabilities of Cav 32's & Contessa 32's .... but I think he also doesn't believe in drogues, so maybe a crackpot
  25. A period that I still look back upon fondly. It could be argued that I spent most of 1975 to 1987 sailing offshore on a cav 32.
  26. Calling BP...think he went offshore in one years ago Edit: I have magic powers!
  27. For a cav 32, nothing. They are built like a brick shithouse.but it will be getting on a bit so a good look at rudder shaft, rig, sails, keel bolts, windows, through hulls bearings - all the usual sh*t. And get a good windvane.
  28. Hi ,what has been done by others to get offshore by the way of beefing up a standard production boat? ie glassing knees in the cabin sides between the main windows etc... Cheeers
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