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  2. https://destownson.co.nz/product/a-sailing-legacy/
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  4. I have never seen Acetic Acid in the info for Salt Away. I had looked for the make up of it some years ago but could not find anything apart from detergent. The detergent could well be simply Glycol. In thius case, detergents act mainly as a " wetting" agent. Reducing surface tension and allowing the Water to " attach" to surfaces. If acetic acid that is the case, I scratch my head as to how the "corrosion protectant" part is supposed to work. Plus Acetic Acid is a poor choice for cleaning crud in Salt Envirnoments. And in saying that, Phosphoric would work, but is not a lot better. Alt
  5. Saw two gulls going for a cruise…
  6. Had anyone tried kaiwaka gear in anger here?
  7. Buy off the zephyr website https://www.zephyr.org.nz/Trading-Corner/Book-Des-Townson-by-Brian-Peet-1
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  9. It's not just salt you are trying to get rid of it's also all the other engine eating yummies in our sea water. Salt-away is mainly vinegar with some detergent. Vinegar is mainly water. The absolute best way to dissolve salt is deionized water but that gets rediculously expensive. Our water isn't mineral free unless you happen to be on tank water. So you still get residue left over on surfaces which is where Salt-away makes a difference. Last time we were out on the hard I did engine flush with fresh water using a bucket and a pump. I was pleased to see that nothing came out
  10. This is probably the most thoroughly detailed and researched NZ sailing book ever.
  11. Hi all, does anyone have an old Raymarine Fluxgate Compass laying around or unwanted ?. I’m after the older model (I believe it’s a M81190 ?). cheers
  12. Don't get fooled. There is no Chemical that will disolve Salt better than Clean fresh water. It is head and shoulders above any other Chemical. Forget the Chemical "Protectants" like Salt-away and all the rest. They are nothing but a detergent and actually do very little. Certainly nothing as good as plain ole fresh water. Those products are all a rip off because they are just simple cheap forms of a detergent that are sold as some special miracle Salt eliminator.
  13. Contact the author Brian Peet he has plenty of stock or did up until recently , PM me if you want his number. I have a copy , its superb.
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  15. I have seen fresh water flushing systems on yachts with raw water cooled engines. I guess it could work with a heat exchanger too.
  16. Gillian

    Nova 28

    My Nova 28 Site is here: Alderwicks Web
  17. Good question for the briefing Course Sheets will be up soon if not already but here’s a sneak peak
  18. If you are on a marina. the best and cheapest solution [ pun not intended] is to fit a bypass on your intake. I have one, and I simply run a bucket of fresh water through the engine before leaving it. Any residual salt can dissolve in the fresh water, and the heat exchanger doesn't get clogged. For your question, I can't imaging that the commercial products could cause harm, they would be up for thousands if they did.
  19. When the course says to round "The Noises", which islands are included? Do we round Maria Island, or just Otata?
  20. There is now: https://www.ssanz.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-Triple-Series-Amendment-1-SI.pdf They have switched Evolution Sails 2 and 3 in the SIs, to make it consistent with the NOR, Entry Guide, and Entry Form. Flag colours remain the same.
  21. Hello to all you engine gurus... I have a Yanmar diesel with a heat exchanger cooling system. Can I do any harm to seals/alloys etc by flushing on a regular basis using an additive such as 'Salt Away' ... 'Salt Attack' .. etc. Thoughts?.. Comments?
  22. All good, Piedy’s want their own division, Y88’s are still getting organised If any other group want to get together we can do similar As Cam said, best race with others for the competition, but no drama to score any class or group over the series if there’s interest
  23. Personally I don't care if the 1020's get their own scoring or not.... BUT I hope we stay within the division for more competitive boat on boat racing with some other designs
  24. Seven in same division and they can ask for their own scoring within that Div or their own stand alone one
  25. Where are all the Stewart’s? Wont feel like a SSANZ race with the yellow submarine
  26. Should Farr 1020's have their own division?
  27. I believe she raced in the SYD - HOB whilst she was under Australian ownership(she was Melbourne based for some years), after Peter Spencer sold her.
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