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  2. FWIW: Soft foot was our problem. We replaced old and worn Yanmar mounts with R&D and struggled to get the shaft aligned, it turned out to be bent. Got a new one made by Marine Propulsion who did an awesome job. Getting rid of soft foot was a mission, we discovered it by putting a feeler gauge between the bottom (resting) nut of the mount and engine bracket. As for the mount.. R&D on Yanmar seems to be a bad idea. Idling had to be increased to stop the engine shaking vigorously. Many forums mentioned they had to revert to proper Yanmar mounts to get rid of this shaking at idle.
  3. Multihulls capsize, which does cause a lot of damage on them. Also past history of home built boats all built very differently and not to any standard. Tris are less known in the sailing world and racing ones have exposed many risks. Only recently we have the likes of Neel Trimarans that are a proper production boat.
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  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3443799847
  6. Insurance is like a big risk club/cooperative. Say all the keeler owners in westhaven get together and put $1500 a year into a shared bank account. If one of them sinks, the money from the account is used to replace it. If 20 of them sink, there's probably not enough money in the account and the owners have to either put in more money next time or call the whole thing a failure and give up. Now say a group of trimaran owners get together and do the same thing. Because there's relatively few of them, you don't end up with as much money in your account. You also have less chance of a boat s
  7. What exactly is the reasons that tricycles are hard to insure does anyone know? There must be some factual knowledge out there on crew Seems pretty harsh to me.
  8. I couldn't find an insurer in NZ willing to take the 'risk' for my trimaran and ended up with a crowd called Edward William Marine Insurance. They're based in Spain and the underwriters appear to be Costa Rican. I did do a bit of research on the company with mixed results, suffice to say I hope I never have to make a claim. The premiums seem reasonable though and there weren't too many hoops to jump through.
  9. Only reason he need this is to keep on the berth in Tauranga until he gets it up to a mooring in AKL. Everyone will insure a monohull which has one fast route to Davey Jones if holed, Tris will float always
  10. Thanks Fish. I've never done stitch and glue and am happy to put that pleasure off for a while.
  11. It looks a lot like a Seabird. We have a 3.1m seabird. If it is not a seabird, it is close enough in size shape and characteristics to have the same / equivalent performance. They are not light. At least, our 3.1 m one isn't. In the order of 55kg to 60 kg I believe. That one is obviously shorter than 3.1 m, what is it? about 2.7? I weighed it once, but also weighed another at the same time so get them mixed up. In saying that, ours has teak trim all the way around the coming, and a fancy rubber rubbing strake. That may not be a bad weight for a boat that size, but I am comparing it to a 2.9m d
  12. There are toilets ashore there, so maybe not.
  13. Great background is Peter Ballance pdf available to download. Here's a screenshot from the pdf
  14. The first science about this event is starting to flow through; https://www.gns.cri.nz/Home/Our-Science/Natural-Hazards-and-Risks/Tsunami/2022-Hunga-Tonga-Tsunami Nice simulation video here of tsunami: https://www.gns.cri.nz/static/download/tonga/tonga-tsunami.mp4
  15. It has a seabird sail but the owner is not sure it's a Seabird and is reluctant to let me have a sail. It's fibreglass. If it's a seabird how much might it weigh? I'm thinking about buying it as a tender but I got stung once on a Walker Bay which sailed like a dog upwind.
  16. Peter Blake's old boat disappears for days at a time and then comes back. I'm guessing it's within the rules.
  17. Yeah, I wondered exactly the same. They either (a) have the necessary permission; or (b) the bylaw just isn't enforced.
  18. Wonder how Archangel gets away with it at St Heliers ?
  19. Weve had the same problem, Bay Insurance Brokers told us if we cancelled our policy, or changed our circumstances in pretty much any way, like move it to a mooring, we'd not get insurance at all again.
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  21. On a side, but related note, anyone thinking about Li batteries, (or an electric car), should think about pressing the GO button very soon. Raw Lithium has gone up 500% in the last 12 months, it's not going to be coming down, this manufacturing cost is going to be hitting the battery market shortly. https://tradingeconomics.com/commodity/lithium
  22. Yep, I've got all that CD, but as I stated at the beginning of my previous post, I am looking to see if this can be a simple system for an average user. Many of my customers wont even keep wet cells full of water, so changing solar control parameters for on and off the boat, or resyncing battery computers is not likely to happen! The BMS knows about current in/out and displays (via bluetooth) a SOC. How it actually goes about that is not programmable, or visible in this version. I have adjusted my BEP battery computer to emulate closely that SOC figure - using a change in puerkets fi
  23. The only way to get an accurate SoC is with coulomb counting and even then you'll get drift over time. You've identified the fundamental problem with drop-ins, they simply aren't drop and forget, they need watering and feeding. To maintain a safe SoC while away from the boat, you could set your solar to a cv of 3.3v/cell. Of course this then means that you need to do a balancing charge once a month and sync up the coloumb counter. This could be done with a shore charger, the engine or by changing the solar settings. The alternative is a proper bms that controls all the
  24. A fellow multihull owner is trying to get insurance coverage for a 40ft Trimaran, is struggling to find someone who take on his Trimaran. Its a Searunner 40. Anyone know who would?
  25. OK, further update. Now the batteries have done a months work over the holidays, a bit more info to work with. 1stly, I'd like to point out that I'm trying to figure out if this is a workable system for the average boatie to use. If it requires a programmable workbench power supply to top balance, or other specialist equipment, knowledge etc, then it's not what most users will want. Yes I have this gear, but most wont... If you want to build a LiFePO4 batt with 3.2v cells and your own BMS, get into it, this is not what I'm looking for for customers. Simple and reliable without extens
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