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  2. Yeah its hard to forget motoring upwind, against tide along the eastern beaches for 4+ hours getting fire hosed at 2 knots ....
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  4. Closing the ports is a developers wet dream and not in the interest of the wider city at all, which is pretty clear to everyone with half a brain. I'd hardly call that a good example of why we shouldn't be saving the hardstand. Where do you get the idea the hardstand is subsidized? My understanding was that the council set the rates and could have increased them at any time, and that despite that it was a net profit on the books. As for the rest of your post - much of the initial protest to the Orakei Board decision was precisely that a regional asset wasn't theirs to decide o
  5. Ahhhh bugger I can't believe I missed that! Nothing on FB, no emails from various parties I've supported or interacted with, and only a 4 week window. What a shame.
  6. All racing cancelled for this week, Orakei sewer outfall is used everytime there is a heavy rain event -more than 12 times this year, we are heading back to the fifties when the M class and 18' fleet had to negotiate the seagulls off the outfall running constantly, almost as bad as the constant flows off Castor bay and the new one off Mairangi Bay -Robbie will be turning in his grave .
  7. I've just moved to a 4 stroke, 10hp, ultra long shaft outboard for our GBE catamaran. It's outstanding in the chop, doesn't seem to cavitate at all, and is two cylinders so a bit quieter than a 2 stroke. Unfortunately, it weighs about 45kg which is quite a handful getting in and out of the outboard pod. I'm 6 foot 4 and it's probably the limit to what I could manage (needs to be a one person job because two people get in the way of each other if they're both trying to do it at once). I think I can make it easier by adding some shoulder carrying straps to the motor, but it's not for th
  8. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    A couple of things I don’t follow. Is the sewerage flowing into harbour continuously because of sink hole? Yes - the line is blocked, so the flow isn't getting to the Orakei pump station which would norrmally push it through the Hobson tunnel and ultimatly to Mangere Or only when stormwater ingress floods sewer system beyond capacity? - This happens due to the legacy combined sewage/stormwater system. This is steadily being seperated, but very expensive to do completly. Case in point the St Marys Bay Tunnel, caputred all the flows that would have traditionally gone out into we
  9. A couple of things I don’t follow. Is the sewerage flowing into harbour continuously because of sink hole? Or only when stormwater ingress floods sewer system beyond capacity? I believe that has been the case historically without a failure? Does any untreated sewerage enter the harbour by design without a failure? I have had zero need to know, or exposure to city systems as being rural we all have private treatment. No time like the present, and a sail forgone is one lost forever. Unless there is a CG edict , I’m running the gauntlet to North head tomorrow and getting decent distance awa
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  11. Ed

    Parnell Poo Pipe

    Dont worry, we're on it
  12. Have they got some publicly available water testing results? Yes, the committees should be carrying out a risk assessment on the available information. Not just blindly following a dictate from an unelected race based group. My understanding is the warnings are around gathering shellfish, swimming, and recreational based activities that bring you into contact with water. A key clew here is the website being called "safeswim", not "safeboating". Kayaking would be marginal. Spear fishing def out. Fishing from a boat? I'm not seeing a major issue with that. Same with yacht racing. Noting I h
  13. Rangitoto channel vicinity has got to be better than Ōrākei ... Hopefully in 16 days this environment disaster will be over. Watercare will hopefully will get the bypass pipe finished within the next 6 days and then 10 days of tidal flow should fix it... Fingers crossed.
  14. Where can the coastal classic start be shifted to that’s safe from poo ?
  15. Hmmm lets see... E. coli levels in the Waitematā are at record highs all 23 monitoring stations, from Herald Is, down to St Helliers are reporting "very high risk" watercare has urged that people refrain from recreational activity on the water the water around the overflow outlets is black, it's absolutely wreaking of sh*t and are in the worst condition I have ever seen them - I am surprised that we have not had an algae bloom yet People can and do fall overboard, gear can and does end up in the water... If you have never dragged your sail or your sheets t
  16. Have you guys had your racing cancelled? All of them or just a couple? Will be a cracking evening for a Wed night race. Your committee must think you are terrible sailors, putting your head underwater while on those big yachts. Its not good for boat speed putting your head underwater, you know...
  17. Yacht clubs seem to be taking a strange position on it this time , blaming Rahui on cancelling races -instead of saying the wind is too strong which was the case last week. They never cancelled earlier in the year during the first Rahui, and nor should they this time -though I would not be keen on sailing an E7 through it... Ferrys and fishing boats are all operating , cruisers are cruising ...
  18. Rahui's have no legal basis. It is your own free choice to go swim in poo. Sailing on it is an entirely different proposition.
  19. Won a race d88ec426-448d-4b13-a0c6-79c69df203d8.mp4
  20. Interesting alternative, quiter, no oil to premix and that is slightly lighter. My only concern would be in swell. Does it reach as deep as the old motor? In larger or shorter harbour type swell or chop we will have the motor out of the water on occasion.
  21. Just put a 6hp 4 stoke Yamaha on Flaming Lips, only used a few times so far but pushed her along nicely at 6kt in flat water with a very dirty bottom or 4+ into 15 knots of breeze. very clean and quite, comes in at 26kg.
  22. They just started welding sections of the bypass pipe today. They need to put in something like 30 x 12m sections and they work 24x7 to get it done, but given they have to bury it under st georges road it won't happen quickly. Then it will be at least 10-14days till the water is safe. Rahui is still in place.
  23. What about the 4hp outboard on my raceboat ? That got your ass to Auckland for the last coastal ! But yeah I’ve had the same model yammy 8hp with high thrust prop on a previous boat . Did multiple 12-14 hr trips to Auckland and it never missed a beat . Also a bonus is Yamaha parts service , they are very good .
  24. Any updates on the repairs, Rahui?
  25. If you can, find a Yammie 8hp 2stroke with the high thrust leg, shifts along an SR26 at 7 knots. Best out board I've ever used on a race boat. 90% of the 8.5 multi fleet use them. Mines never been flushed or had a water pump replaced in my ownership. Motored to Auckland and the bay a couple of times in no wind. Bonus is it has a rectifier so I charge the battery and use the auto pilot. Only thing to ever break was the gear shift lever. The key is to run them 50:1 and run them out of fuel after use.
  26. The key is the prop, make sure you have the sail drive or displacement version.
  27. Hi there, I'm Tom, 31 years old, I have been living in Auckland for the last 8years (I'm originally from France) and got hooked to the sailing world. I have sailed on various boats in Auckland harbour regattas (summer and winter series for the last 7years) and I bought a little sailboat (tracker 7.7) three years ago. I have done a lot of coastal sailing with it (over 500nm), weekend trips in the Hauraki gulf but also three two-weeks summer trips to Bay of island and Great Barrier including night sails. I also have spent a lot of time with experienced friends on their own boats (birds
  28. The one I really meant was the Mark Mills mini maxi Flying Nikka , she is quick, but in a sea?
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