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  3. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Where’s all the pre-race CC gossip? It used to all be here (back in the good ole days)‘
  4. Fogg


    Hah! Yup. Although....even if it’s reversible it’s still electric so wouldn’t it need the genset running all night? So wouldn’t diesel be quieter & more efficient?
  5. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Who said that? 😊
  6. Bad Kitty


    Might be worth checking that out before you add a heating system!
  7. Ed

    Coastal 2020

    Its gonna be a 3 bottles of rum race
  8. No one ever listens to me anymore
  9. I trust that you will be offering some pearls of wisdom to those going past Squid
  10. Out wide past the 30m line. We'll probably go outside flat rock then back to Bostik bay for the first night. Currently anchored at Arkles. Pretty nice.
  11. I drink other people's wine - its better than both of ours!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Character building...and the trip home is looks awesome
  14. ex Elly

    American Magic

    Yeah, except "today" was a month ago. ETNZ are not sailing at the moment. They have taken boat 1 out of commission and now prepping for the launch of boat 2.
  15. Tauranga Sports Fishing Club 66 Keith Allen Dr Sulphur Point Friday 6-8pm Restaurant and bar open https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/voyage-for-voyce#:~:text=Help Aotearoa New Zealand's youth,day%2C life-changing journeys!
  16. Elena is in Tauranga today and on her way to Gisbourne on Saturday morning, come down and meet her, or join the flotilla seeing her off at 8:30 on Saturday 🙂 Oh and donate! its a great cause 👍
  17. Hi all, Thanks all for your thoughts. Extra tin purchased (on special at the mo in burnsco). Now on to the fun bit.....
  18. The heading to this forum says "opening up communication with YNZ".If you haven't noticed it's mostly one way communication. Guys & gals they're ignoring the rank and file who mainly pay the compulsory subs. Double and triple dipping to add insult to injury.We are their servants now. Wouldn't it be great if your business was run on these lines.? Apart from the 5 ring circus the system's broke. They just lie low and let the storm from Crew blow over each time. Bah humbug but'll come to a screeching halt when one storm eventually intensifies
  19. Actually, up against the others it prices in ok - $900USD converts to around $1350NZD plus freight plus GST so not excessively more at less than $2k all up for their "standard" unit. Still expensive, but in reality its only 5 tanks of petrol in the car more than the others isn't it. Or 20 bottles of wine.
  20. Sigh. I watch the boats, but mostly I watch the scenery. I'd love to be sailing up the harbour with Rangitoto and Browns ahead, and a lunchtime swim at Izzy Bay in prospect. But (sighs again) looks like that's off for the foreseeable future ... unless the new majority government opens the borders a wee bit. I see some celeb's nanny was deemed an essential worker; perhaps as granny and grandpa, we could make a similar claim that the grand-sailors need our care?
  21. Today, American Magic and ETNZ both out...
  22. The Pelargic is not the same as the std tillerpilots - its twice the price to begin with. Its a proper offshore pilot, although personally I don't like a drive unit on the ram. I like to hide it below deck out of the weather....
  23. w44vi

    Says it all...

    We all look forward to there reply !
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