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  2. And here is a comment (unofficial) i heard through the grapevine. One of the reasons the give a little page was started is to gauge support from the wider boating community. So if a few donate a bit there is not much support and perhaps they need to reassess what they are spending. If thousands (which there are) donated a little it would show support and help send the message. This is about pushing for a commitment from council to have a plan that existing marine facilities and regional assets that allow marine users to access the water are kept and improved on whether it be for rowi
  3. They rented a small flat in whangarei for a while, and believe they were fixing the boat. But I'm not sure what happened in the end.
  4. They have written to most councilors (and a couple are on our side) along with MP's etc. And yes i pay to but i would like them to remain.
  5. Why not petition the council along the lines of sports fields are upgraded etc for free ramps are our sports field. Once again wake up and realise we are a minority sport and viewed as elite. Good on you for trying but I will not be financially supporting already paying to use AK ramps etc
  6. They were, if they were not they couldn't appeal. Perhaps more should offer to help the few that are fighting for us all.
  7. They have been involved from the start and the page is pending waiting for the secretary to reply with id etc, must of been a holiday yesterday.
  8. Everyone knows the owners of big boats are fat and lazy.
  9. Where was AYBA at the start?? suddenly realised to loose members and $$. give a little page is still pending as to whether it meets requirements.
  10. Why werent they there at the start?? Oh sh*t this might effect us or we might loose members.Yeah right
  11. Yep, and nor would you want to want to build near a sandy beachfront like Mercury Bay or Omaha. Rising sea levels are well documented and will accelerate with melting ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica, etc. Warming oceans drive more energy into weather systems so more frequent heavy rainfall and wind events. The combination of the two will likely accelerate erosion of the coastline. We can face up to this or stick our heads in the sand (at any beach of your choosing!).
  12. Anyone know what happened to this boat or it’s owner?
  13. Soon to become Spencer Island with a little more tide rise
  14. It's not over yet, the AYBA (Auckland Yacht and Boating Association) has joined the fight along with the support of the AMUA (Auckland Marina users Association inc.). The first is to appeal Bayswater as by doing so this will also help the case for The Landing and other sites. So please consider making a donation here and perhaps add "crew.org" after your first name. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/bayswater-marina-needs-to-remain-a-marine-precinct
  15. An update, the council withdrew its support for Bayswater but the commissioner’s granted consent, figure that out! There are many comments on this page about improving or installing boat-ramps and access to the water. Unfortunately many Ak Councilors do not share your view! The good news is that the AYBA (Auckland Yacht and Boating Association) has joined the fight along with the support of the AMUA (Auckland Marina users Association inc.). While the first fight is at Bayswater this will also provide evidence for other battles they are currently fighting. These include the hardstand at Oka
  16. Great photos, you can easily imagine the whole peninsula eroding away!
  17. especially in that apartment block. That last photo will knock down Aucklands collective property values even further..
  18. Yesterday
  19. Got caught in town Friday afternoon and the journey back to Waimauku was quite epic. Made it after a lot of detours, even got to within a km of home at one point before having to head back on a long detour to approach the village from the other side. Got home safe and as we live up a hill the house is all good. The scenes around the village the next day were quite something. Coming into Waimauku village and discovering the way ahead blocked: Then, having to come back out again: Here are some pics in the village the following day:
  20. Bit of a head scratcher that one. Saw them on the beach securing the wreck, got the impression she'd been sucked out of the marina by the ebb (maybe just my assumption). Then heard later that she'd gone out under her own power and that very much left me wondering why you'd do that!
  21. OK Following the excellent responses from you guys, I will have to concede insurance is probably legally required, cos the chief executive says so (not actually legislated). The relevant application of the requirement would likely come from: 12Advance notice of arrival, etc (1) The person in charge of a craft that is en route to New Zealand (from a point outside New Zealand) must, within the prescribed time, provide Customs with an advance notice of arrival, unless otherwise approved by the chief executive. (2) The
  22. Self insurance isn't really an option, unless they have several million sitting around that they can tie up in escrow... Insurance would be more about 3rd party than protecting the owner against loss. This could run in the order of perhaps $1M if they were to say wreck their boat on the Poor Knights. The legislation allows customs to ask for whatever documentation they have internally deemed necessary. Proof of insurance has always been a requirement for boats over a certain GT - maybe they have decided to just apply this to all boats? It would be best to have a conversation w
  23. As far as I know the name of the video is correct , how any insurer could payout on such wilful negligence is beyond me.
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