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Found 1 result

  1. I had some difficulty starting an account, but the administrators and programmers fixed whatever was wrong, so here I am! I appreciate their efforts. After years of beach cat experience, I have been looking for something a bit larger. Ian Farrier's work has impressed me for years, but I really like catamarans. After a summer of searching, I got hooked on the look and feel of Malcolm Tennant's boats, of which there aren't a ton in North America. I did some travelling to visit a few boats, and a Turissimo 9 followed me home on a trailer. 3000 miles, an international border, and a bunch of states later, I'm in Central California dusting off this classic Okoume double-diagonal epoxy classic. There's minor delamination around the cockpit edge, in the carvel-bent decking, but the rest of the boat and rigging is in pretty solid shape. One of the windows leaked and has slight delamination inboard, and we got some road damage to the antifoul and fairing at the bottom of one hull, but everything else is just rejuvenation that you'd expect to need to do after rescuing a boat that spent too much time in the boat barn. I'll be visiting here to read up and ask questions about the care and feeding of wooden boats. There's just not a ton of support here stateside for plywood-built boats. Gel coat and fiberglass rule the day, and that's not what I could find in the 8-10m range of catamarans. My planned usage is exploring the estuary upstream of San Francisco, and working my way out to the Bay as my bigger boat skills develop, eventually thinking about coastal cruising down California or trailering down to the Sea of Cortez and exploring Baja. These are big dreams for the future, but reality right now is repairing the scuffs and delaminations, going through the boat's systems, and getting out on the water in early 2019. Thanks in arrears -- I spent no small amount of time here when I was shopping (Paxfish's Wildfire was one of the boats I visited on the other coast) and considering purchase options. Also, thanks in advance, as I know there's much more to learn. Randii
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