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Crew of One available in New Zealand to the Pacific Islands April/May 2016

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Hey there,

I'm Guilherme, a 29 years old easygoing brazilian guy who enjoys travelling, meeting new people and enjoy life in many different ways. After getting redundant on my previous job due to a crisis on the oil market in Brazil I've decided to leave everything behind and sell everything I had and give up my investments to accomplish my dream of travelling around the World, living and working on many different countries on the way without any return ticket.

I'm currently living in Australia after I've travelled and lived in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia for the past 2 years. I got really excited about visiting the south pacific islands after talking to some local people in NZ and some of them even suggested me to sail there instead of buying a plane ticket. I thought it was an incredible idea since I really enjoyed sailing with my uncle when he bought a sailing boat about 10 years ago and other sailing experiences in Brazil and NZ. My plan is to go back to NZ and join a boat in the Bay of Islands. I really don't have any travel plans or deadline while cruising the south pacific but I'd like to visit some (or all, maybe?) islands including Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.

Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about the sea or any experience as a sailor but I have other skills that can be useful on a boat. I'm a very curious and fast learner guy thanks to my solid engineering background (I even worked on offshore rigs in Brazil for three years) which could prove to be handy on long sailing trip, I can teach you portuguese and spanish if you're interested, I can cook (I can even prepare a yummy brazilian meal for you :) ) and clean and perform any maintenance task required and the most important, I have a "can-do" attitude and want to learn everything about a life on a boat. I'm not intending to sleep, read, sun bake and wake up when it suits me as I'm aware I'm not a passanger but actually a crew member on a sailing boat and also have to share the expenses if required. I believe it is hard to share your boat (your house!) with someone you barely know and keep a good level of personal space at the same time but I think I can minimize these issues since I've learned how to live in my workplace and deal with the same people for days during my offshore experience in Brazil. I can also talk about anything for hours and be quiet when the situation requires and I believe I'm someone really easy to get along with as I'm usually happy and friendly.

Let me know if you think you can give this guy a try!

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