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Crew wanted to enjoy Vanuatu and New Caledonia

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Anyone interested in spend some time in the amazing Vanuatu and New Caledonia from the 15th August to the 26th September? (both dates are super flexible)


I am Spanish currently living in New Zealand. I sailed all the way from Spain to New Zealand during five years. My wife is working in NZ at the moment and she will come to visit me the 25th September to New Caledonia. My plan is spend some more time in Vanuatu and sail to New Caledonia before this date.


Meanwhile I am looking for crew with a bit of sailing experienced that want to spend some time on the tropics and share this amazing experience. 


The boat is very well prepared with all the safety equipment. You can have a look on our web site to know the boat and us a little bit more www.capstres.com.


You just will need to share costs. (It's quite cheap to leave on the boat so the costs are low)


Contact by email capstres@gmail.com

or call/text to my wife phone 0223624502 (Virginia)






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I am a Science teacher with 3 years sailing experience in Auckland and Tauranga. I sailed mostly on a Young 11, as bowman. I would be keen to join you but am on holiday 23 Sept - 09 Oct. 


What are your plans on these dates? 


thanks, Michael 022 600 3249

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Hi Michael. Thank you for your reply.

My wife is also a teacher so in these dates is when she will be on holidays as well. She will be pretty tired at the end of the term and she prefers to have some quiet time on the boat.

Thanks anyway. Cheers

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