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Urgent Crew member needed from Mexico to NZ on 44ft Cat

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Need a crew member to fly to Cabo in Mexico ASAP (flights / Covid test will be paid) ex Auckland to being a 6yo Helia 44 Catamaran back to NZ

Stopping in Nuku Hiva to re-provision.

Significant experience not required. Just need to be confident you can cope with the big Blue and shifts.

Crew member puled out last minute as they decided the big blue was not for them.

Will pay $6000 lump sum on return and all food etc.. will be paid for


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Can you give an expected departure date and estimated travel time so I can figure required time off work?  Sounds like an awesome opportunity but I need to check out of work at short notice which may not be possible.



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Hi Kirsty. 

I'm an experienced offshore sailor interested in knowing details of existing crew/owner experience, departure & voyage duration please? Thanks.

Regards Chris 

Mob 020 4441000




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Hi Kirsty,

I am a Kiwi skipper on delivery from NZ to Cape Town. Currently in Reunion Island. Will be in Cape Town mid Sept.

I could fly to Mexico from there if you still need crew.

Contact me on cptnmike2005@yahoo.co.nz

Cheers Mike

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