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Suspected pirates given fuel and food


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Then again did you hear about the product tanker that ripped it's bow open on a wharf on the east coast knocking down a lit light stand and with petrol pouring out on the wharf from the ships cargo tanks - guess what happened - pollution and no fire, I believe that very little ended up in the tide. SJB might know more about it...

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Press Release :-

NATO Warship Sinks Somali Pirate Mothership

3/2/2010 12:23 PM ET


A Danish warship deployed of the coast of Somalia as a part of the ongoing NATO anti-piracy mission there has sunk a pirate mothership in the Indian Ocean, said a statement released by the NATO forces.


According to a NATO press release, Absalon, a Danish attack support ship engaged in NATO's counter-piracy efforts, "disrupted a piracy attack in the Somali basin on Sunday and then scuttled a mother ship."


The statement said the vessel sank Sunday was used as a mother ship by Somali pirates for transportation of speedboats employed to carry out attacks on commercial ships. It added that the mother-ship was sunk after the Danish forces on the warship evacuated the pirates from the vessel.

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I like the bit about 20years rather than life as they have familys.


Skiff Sentences


A Kenyan court last month sentenced eight Somalis to 20 years in jail for piracy.


The Somalis were arrested in November 2008 by the Royal Navy while attempting to hijack a Danish vessel, “MV Powerful”, in the Gulf of Aden.


"The offence of piracy is serious and carries a life imprisonment but because they are young and family men, I sentence each of them to 20 years' imprisonment," said the Senior Principal Magistrate. An appeal is pending.


It is nice that someone thinks of the pirates’ families...as it seems that all too often the families of seafarers being held hostage by pirates are forgotten.

It must be so difficult for those left behind, as the families awaiting news of their loved ones struggle to make ends.


In a touching interview in the Kenyan media, and to the backdrop of the high profile piracy trial running in the country, the families of those being held spoke out. “Have mercy on us! The innocent seafarers you are holding are our bread winners. Please release them.” These were the words of a sobbing wife, whose husband is among 10 Kenyans held by suspected Somali pirates onboard “FV Sakoba”, which was captured off the Tanzanian coast on March 3 this year.


With a young baby in her arms, she painted a vivid image of how hard things must be for her captured husband and of her daily struggles to cope, "I understand the vessel is running out of fuel and we fear for their lives. We are in a dilemma and I have been spending sleepless nights since my husband was captured".


It’s not just wives – mothers suffer too, as one sobbed, "I cannot eat when I remember my son Anthony aged 20 years who is under the mercy of the pirates. My husband died some years back and Anthony who is the youngest of the crew members is the sole bread winner. He travelled once and he came back safe. Please let my son come back home.”


While the courts take the plight of the pirates’ families into account when passing sentence, we shouldn’t forget the pain that piracy causes. Not just for those at sea, but for those ashore left to carry on life.

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Go, Go Gadgets


One answer to the security dilemma could be to employ non-lethal gadgets to keep our fleet safe.


In India for instance, the hottest new bit of security hardware is a non-lethal hand grenade loaded with the world's most powerful chillies.


The crowd control grenade is packed with ground seeds from the Bhut Jolokia chilli, officially recognised as the hottest chilli on the planet.


When deployed the grenade showers the targets with a dust so spicy that in trials subjects were blinded for hours and left with breathing problems. It would also go nicely with a bit of goat...so the Somalis should love it.

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