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  1. I just saw this article talking about a joint initiative between the Northern, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions with respect to marine pests and boats. 




    More details and to leave feedback for the public consultation go here.



  2. Thanks for the offer wild violet but steel isn't something I'm looking for although I do have a thing for aluminium. I have been in touch with Vorpal Blade about his mates Young 88, just waiting on some more details.

  3. I draw 1.5m and have no problem. As rawhide says, use the triangles. 


    I'll pass that on to the owner but avoiding large boats coming at you who refuse to leave the middle of the channel remains a problem.

  4. It was definitely the bottom, I know what hitting it feels like   :oops:  and what it took to get moving again and staying in the middle doesn't work when you have someone coming towards you. That said, the boat has been kept there almost since the marina first opened and it's only the second time it's touched. The first time was at dead low many years ago again with another vessel approaching and steadfastly maintaining their position in the middle of the channel so we had to avoid a collision by moving right to the edge that time.

  5. That's interesting about Pine Harbour as I was going up the channel in a launch back in November that draws 1m and bumped the bottom hard enough that we had to power on to push through. It wasn't dead low and we were definitely within the poles and certainly not close towards the side of the marked channel. 

  6. You mention possible shoal draft. You could probably pick up a twin keel Lotus 9.2 for those dollars. More volume than any other 30fter. You would have to pay a bit more for fin keel but a lot more performance.

    They are all horses for courses. 


    At this stage, it would either kept at Pine Harbour or Shelly Park and both have issues with access at low tide. Shallow draft isn't critical but it would certainly add flexibility to when I could go in and out.


    I knew there were some twin keel versions made of the Lotus 9.2 and I had heard there was also a centreboard version but have never come across either for sale. I have also seen a shoal draft fin keel version but from what I understand most have the normal fin keel.


    The Whiting 29 has two versions, a shallow draft masthead rig cruising version and a deeper draft version with a fractional rig although I have come across hybrid versions. 


    From what I have found out so far the Young 88 has a fin keel version and it looks like some have modified fins so the draft varies and there's also a swing keel version.


    They all seem to have reasonable headroom from what I can gather. 


    Another feature I would like is an open or walk through transom, possibly with a sugar scoop but it's not an absolute must have.

    I have seen a couple of Lotus 9.2's modified like this but it would be a bit of an undertaking to do. Some of the Whiting 29's were fitted with a sugar scoop option and a couple have been modified to walk through. Still a little bit of work but not nearly as much as the Lotus 9.2. The Young 88 already has an open transom and as I enjoy sailing I am attracted to its sailing performance. 


    So, for an all-weather yacht single-handed cruising around NZ for extended periods with the possibility of having one or two inexperienced crew aboard sometimes which of these would be your preference and why?

  7. I think the SR 26 and the Ross 780 look like fun but a bit smaller than I think will suit my needs as I want to do some extended cruising. The Lotus 9.2, the Young 88 and the Whiting 29 are on my list. There are a couple of other possibles but it seems fairly hard to find much information online for older NZ boats. 

  8. Thanks for the advice so far. While I love a beautiful wooden boat I don't really like the associated issues and teak decks are not on my list of positive attributes which is why I'm more focused on GRP boats. The Davidson 28 seems good but slightly dated, not off the list but not at the top at the moment. I'll keep it in mind. I hadn't considered the Young 88, probably because I had associated them more with racing. What are they like for single or short handed cruising? How weight sensitive are they and how tender? I see there's a Mk I and a Mk II. What's the difference? 

  9. Hi all, I've been reading through posts on this forum as I am considering buying a yacht around the 29-30ft mark. Could be a little smaller or a little bigger but I think this size would suit me. Based in Auckland for cruising the Gulf and Northland but looking to go further afield with it if I feel comfortable. Mainly I'll be sailing single-handed or with one or two others from time to time. I'm on a tight budget so I'm thinking $20-30,000ish with some extra put aside for upgrades and maintenance. I'm comfortable doing work on it myself and I'd prefer GRP, not wood. I'm just under 6' and would like to be able to stand up straight in the cabin. I wouldn't mind something with a shallowish draft for getting out from where I'm looking at mooring it on low tides and also tucking up in some anchorages but it's not a deal breaker. From some old threads on here and from what I have seen advertised on TradeMe I think something like a Whiting 29 or possibly a Lotus 9.2 might be suitable and potentially affordable. Others I have seen mentioned here are the Marauder 8.4, Lidgard 29 and Carpenter 29. How do they compare? Are there any other yachts that I should also put on my list to consider? 

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