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  1. 22 hours ago, Ex Machina said:

    What about the 4hp outboard on my raceboat ? That got your ass to Auckland for the last coastal ! 

     But yeah I’ve had the same model yammy 8hp with high thrust prop on a previous boat . Did multiple 12-14 hr trips to Auckland and it never missed a beat . Also a bonus is Yamaha parts service , they are very good .

    Yeah its hard to forget motoring upwind, against tide along the eastern beaches for 4+ hours getting fire hosed at 2 knots ....


  2. If you can, find a Yammie 8hp 2stroke with the high thrust leg, shifts along an SR26 at 7 knots. Best out board I've ever used on a race boat. 90% of the 8.5 multi fleet use them. Mines never been flushed or had a water pump replaced in my ownership. Motored to Auckland and the bay a couple of times in no wind. Bonus is it has a rectifier so I charge the battery and use the auto pilot. Only thing to ever break was the gear shift lever. The key is to run them 50:1 and run them out of fuel after use.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, dkd said:

    The current boats I noticed are running Code 0's ..... can someone please tell me what the average size for them is please.

    I think my one is a bit over 32sqm although we do have a taller rig.


    What's your one called?

  4. 9 hours ago, Island Time said:

    What is the current cost of a new Cherub? 

    This isn’t about new cherubs, it’s all about dragging all the old boat out from under houses and getting them to people who want to get them back on the water. There’s hundreds of these boats all up and down the country.

  5. The cherub class is getting together to get some of the old boats back on the water. There is several people in Auckland who are actively looking for a boat as-well as we are trying to identify the location of as many boats as possible. If you know of any boat either for sale or in storage can you please put the info you know about it in the comments below so we can get as many as possible back out sailing.


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