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  1. Hi, I just got an miq spot. I was successful and only logged into the virtual room 3 minutes before the room release started, so try that. I've heard of success by others now who did the same. I was 717th in line. Previously last time I logged in one hour before and was 11,729th in line.

  2. Hi I'm kiwi Brett, I'm 54 years old and have around 30,000 sea miles sailing under my belt. I also built my own sailing catamaran in Brazil and lived on it for years working in the marine industry. I'm very keen to go home to NZ and can offer my experience to help deliver a yacht of any kind. Currently in NSW,Australia.

    E mail me bonecarver@yahoo.com 

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  3. Hi, I'm Brett, one of the many kiwis currently stranded in Oz and wanting to come home. I have years of sailing experience, have done a bunch of deliveries and even built my own catamaran in Brazil. I only flew over to Oz in an emergency with a day bag for 2 weeks to see my dying father when the bubble burst 2 months ago. Please contact me with any delivery possibilities to Opua. Cheers. Bonecarver@yahoo.com 

  4. Hi, Brett here. I am an experienced sailer. I've lived and worked on sailboats for years, done deliveries and built my own catamaran in Brazil. I'm currently near Ballina. I've been stranded here for the last 2 months after flying over due to my father dying and bubble bursting while here. Please contact me bonecarver@yahoo.com. 

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