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  1. Hi


    Looking for crew for Mythos, a beale 11.6 for CC. relaxed older crew will consider any level of experience, just have to put up with really old jokes..


    Call Peter 021 388490

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  2. 23 hours ago, harrytom said:

    The ferry being the stand on vessel must also try to avoid collision too. Turned to stb may of been more of a gunnel to gunnel contact. But it will come out in 18 months. 

    On Sunday night there was a doco about the Sydney Harbour 2008 tragedy. A bunch of pissed up kids collided with a fishing boat and 2 in the morning, but your point came into my mind watching this, as the kids (and a little older) got the book thrown at them, the fishos walked away. 


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  3. Four boats entered in 1A. Question begs as to why aren't the Melges, and for that matter the Kers in this division? Especially when you see boats like Champosa and Fez are in their current division. Surely the Melges performance is more like the 52's?

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