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  1. Hey Clipper,


    Not holding up traffic at all. 


    Further down the road there are signs indicating to South bound traffic to use the two right hand lanes. The driver chose to do that earlier rather than later to avoid cutting across 3 or 4 lanes. 

    He also chose that time of day to avoid heavy traffic. Quite safety conscious I would say. .


    Check out the motorway on most days and you will notice all lanes including the right hand one  full and moving at the same speed. 


    Beau over and out.

  2. my sympathy goes out to the facebook community.


    One tosser suggested 'speeding' yet another suggests 'holding up traffic' even though there isn't any around apart from the guy using his phone to take photos  while driving.


    The photo below the boat photo shows several lanes with lots of cars and trucks in each lane. Should they all be in the left lane ?



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    Sold to a Tauranga buyer.

    Same guy that owned one of my other boats I built  called Thirsty Work.


    So there goes my last yacht.


    Going fishing.

  4. Entries now open for this race.

    First official entry is Ray Haslars RIKKI from the host club KCC.


    rumour has it that BooBoo is in for it too.


    Check out our web site for more information.

  5. Yeah that wasn't the plan but I've decided to do something else so someone could pick up a cheap boat.

    I think I've mentioned before that I'm a computer dummy so any photos are unlikely unless someone does it for me.

    Happy to forward a copy of the Boating NZ Review if anyone interested. In saying that, there will be photos on Trade Me when I get round to it.

  6. Spank is my latest creation but a change in circumstances means I am considering selling her.

    She is 7.7 mtrs long with lifting keel so sits on a trailer when not in use. Less than a year old and still as new.

    Would consider trade of a vehicle or tinney.

    Any one interested can call me on 0274 858207

  7.  The VAVA'U RACE web site includes  the preliminary notice of race and registration of interest document.


    Go to the Kerikeri Cruising Club web site and click on 'Vava'u Race for more information.  

  8. Vava'u Race will be cat 1. Details on how to obtain a Cat 1 certificate on YNZ web site.

    The organising committee will have a dedicated  page on the Kerikeri Cruising Club web site later this month.

    Until then,questions to Mark Beauchamp at info@kerkericruisingclub.org.nz 

  9. There is a very cheap Elliot ( sister ship to Grunty Chicken ) sitting on the hard in Kerikeri. Only ever used for one season and taken out of the water for family reasons. Sails are as new ( gennaker never been out of the bag ) new engine etc.etc. but the red paint needs attention or a wrap.

    Has interior but squabs never been covered. There is a bit of tidy up work to do but will be priced rite, much less than $45000. Worth a look for sure.


    It's not my boat but I am a friend of the owner.

  10. Yes she is in the water and sailed a couple of local races. Have a couple of problems with the centre case but I think we have overcome them now. Getting to grips with how she sails though obviously have a bit of work to do. Had a good shake down in 20 knots gusting 30 at the Nine Pin and didn't break anything so that is a positive. Will be in Auckland on or about Oct 17th for the Coastal. PM me if you would like to check her out.

  11. Would a foreign flagged boat need cat one to enter the cruising division?


    Mmmmmmm, Will have to get back to you on that one but I can assure you we will do our best to accommodate you for sure.

  12. MONDO TRAVEL have come on board as a major sponsor. Part of which  will be a drawn prize of a trip for two to Vava'u including air fares, accommodation and transfers, open to all entrants.


    Just under two years to go already so time to start thinking about your options.

  13. Yes Bronze being cruising type boats but it will be a race for them. Have had a bit of interest about that division already.


    And you are correct, The local businesses and Tourism Tonga are getting behind this big time.


    I believe 2017 is a good call too as we are the only club to be approved by YNZ to run an offshore race that year.

  14. OK, we have a date. It will be in May of 2017. We chose this date to avoid clashing with the 2016  Akarana Fiji race.

    The Kerikeri - Vava'u Race will be the only New Zealand off-shore race that year.

    May provides a better weather system for the race and the return trip home.

    There will be a cruising division.

  15. We are waiting for confirmation from YNZ regarding a date. 2016 is the Keri Clubs 80th year so we are hoping for that to be approved.

    It is very likely that we will include a cruising division as we would like to include as many boats as we can.

    All I can say at the moment is that the local tourist industry up there are offering some attractive deals for us to enjoy.


    As soon as we get confirmation from YNZ I will let you know more.

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