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  1. I recall one very wet coastal, after arriving at Russell exhausted and after  the obligatory couple of rumbos we all collapsed on any available horizontal surface for sleep in our wet gear including PFD's. One guy found a comfy place on a wet headsail in the cabin. After an hour or two we were woken by the noise of his automatic inflatable PFD inflating.

    It was bloody hilarious at the time but, like IT said, I can see there could be situations where it could be a hazard. Mine are manuals.

  2. Hi Kenrick, Slice of lemon is still painted a nice pale yellow. Looks like she has been off shore or at least has been set up for it; life raft, hard dodger etc.

     A bit of a thread drift, but great to reminisce. I lived in Browns Bay before the harbour bridge was built and in the years after when it was still a sleepy holiday place. A number of boat builders there in those days who didn't seem to mind us snotty nosed kids following them around kicking up the wood shavings. I remember John Spencer building Infidel, I think, and paying us kids a few pence for bringing him lead that we had "found", for her keel. A bit like you, a great place to grow up.

  3. I have a couple of Masport Barlow 40 self tailing winches. Good winches, however the nylon? clutch part of the tailers are worn and do not grip the sheets. It all goes a bit pear shaped in a big blow when everything loads up as the sheet slips through the self tailing grip things.  I'm usually sailing single handed and it can all get a bit busy when this happens!

    Does anyone know if I can get replacement parts for these, and if so, where?

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